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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-05, 7 years ago.

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A wife, a mother, a daughter, a student, a housekeeper, a chef, a referee, a nurse, a taxi driver and many more!

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Thoughts on this? - 5 years ago

Personally, I think if the school is going to be that strict with snacks, then they need to provide them, not offer a snack time at all, or some arrangement where each students family sends in a small...

Farmer's Markets & Shops - 5 years ago

I believe one is going to be the new location for Astra bank. Not sure about the grocery store. Also not sure about how long the farmers market will run, most likely just through August.

Farmer's Markets & Shops - 5 years ago

There is a bank and a grocery store being built in Chapman. The farmers market is a hit or miss; been there when there was quite a bit and others where there was hardly anyone there.

Cop Gives A Pop to Kid - 5 years ago

Don't blame the cop one bit. No pun intended. Is he supposed to just stand there and let this kid bite him? Would have been my first reaction to a kid, who should know better then to bite, had bitten ...

Marriage Problems of Real Women - 5 years ago

None really fits mine. There needs to be one that states: Never finishes what he starts. Prime example of what my husband does is he will put a load of laundry in the washer, not tell me and when I go...

Ghost - 5 years ago

I remember either hearing or reading, that there are tours of haunted places on post.

Ft Riley middle school info please - 5 years ago

I have two middle schoolers, they attend Chapman Middle School. I had hoped that link could have helped. Check to see if they have a Parent & Student Orientation coming up soon. Hopefully that can get...

Ft Riley middle school info please - 5 years ago The schools on post are in the Geary County school district.

Possibly PCSING to Riley - 5 years ago

I am from the PNW as well! We really like it here in Kansas. The summers are a hotter but not as humid. The winters seem harsher than in the Puget Sound, when it snows, it feels bitterly cold, and not...

MP's make me laugh - 5 years ago

There are some MPs that are still in training and not yet certified for something's and there was nothing for them to do without the proper training. Could have been a supervisor and sometimes they ha...

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