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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-05, 7 years ago.

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A wife, a mother, a daughter, a student, a housekeeper, a chef, a referee, a nurse, a taxi driver and many more!

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Stealing from the post thrift shop? - 5 years ago

I have seen people going through clothes at the drop off sites for the Real Planet boxes in the Walmart parking lot and the one by the Dollar store. Every time we call the number on the drop off box, ...

Shipping Dog to Germany - 5 years ago

If your dog is only 5 pounds you can call the airline and see if our are able to take him/her as a carry on.

Shopette Parking Lot Salemen - 5 years ago

My bad.

Shopette Parking Lot Salemen - 5 years ago

Door to door sales people can get a permit to come on post.

weather - 5 years ago

It is getting warmer! I remember last summer hitting 112! It can also be really windy! There ate quite a few thunder storms. Not a while lot of snow the past couple of years but can be bitterly cold.

Garage sale prices - 5 years ago

Cars, not card. Damn autocorrect!

Garage sale prices - 5 years ago

When we were in Germany, they had a Trunk Sale! It was in a parking lot, only card allowed were those that got there during set up, to sell their stuff. When it opened, no vehicles were allowed to par...

So many bad spellers! - 5 years ago

Looking at the Ft Riley yard sales site and it boggles my mind how many misspelled words are on so many ads! These are not typos either! Some one looking for a backers rack, it would be a bakers ra...

Family Canoe Trip - 5 years ago

Sounds like fun, but quite pricey for those with kids!

Tick problems??.... - 5 years ago

Ticks seem to be pretty bad this year! Other than drenching everyone in deet, there really isn't much that you can do! Just keep checking and removing them promptly and properly! My hubs did land nav....

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