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Britt8746 --- 5 years ago -

I'm just curious about colyor manor housing, has anyone ever had strange things happening?? 

notsue --- 5 years ago -

The nut that lives a house away from me in Forsyth swears their house is haunted. Even had some ghost hunting friend come over with equipment and stuff to confirm. 

Garbage Vulture --- 5 years ago -

Part of Forsyth Housing used to be a Polo Field. There are stories of a haunted Polo Player riding around at night on his horse. I've never seen anything just heard old stories about it. None of the stories ever included Colyer Manor, just old Main post and the Polo Fields. 

toriT --- 5 years ago -

My next door neighbor also swears their side of our house is haunted, but we're also in Forsyth. 

notsue --- 5 years ago -


Silverkitten (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

We lived on Carriage in Forsyth and the lady one house down swore her house was haunted. I never heard/saw/felt any thing odd. Forsyth used to be more than just a polo field. It was also a training area and EOD had to clear some unexploded ordnance from it before they could build. I also know that a few years ago a soldier was found dead in his home in colyor manor. I don't know the exact home though. 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -

Ft Riley Is supposedly known to be one of the most haunted bases google it. The cemetery, the hospital, the train tracks, main post. We lived on post for 4 years in Warner heights and never experienced anything tho. 

a3764574uu --- 5 years ago -

People are found dead in their homes all the time, it does not necessarily indicate the place will be haunted. People believe what they want to believe when it comes to death and what happens to that soul afterwards and superstitions. Ghost hunting is a business and there are many shows about it to entertain. I believe the main theory is the ghost is hanging around because of some unfinished business. i know of at least a half dozen homes on post where deceased individuals have been removed and the families remain in those homes or they are cleaned and rented to the next family. 

janiedoer --- 5 years ago -

I remember either hearing or reading, that there are tours of haunted places on post. 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -

Yes around Halloween time their are ghost tours 

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