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I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-03, 10 years ago.

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missing him - 7 years ago

Samantha, I understand how you feel. I remember the first time my hubby left. First take a deep breath, it's ok to feel this way. Second don't let the missed texts and phone call bother you. He is...

Stolen Garage Door Opener - 7 years ago

Not cute! I hate when people send the kids outside without supervision. These are the same people who wonder what went wrong when the kid turns in to a hoodlum. Or the first to cry fowl if somethin...

Stolen Garage Door Opener - 7 years ago

You never know, some 8 year old's might not be doing it for "fun". He might have thought about not giving it back so he could "explore your home". Or worse yet, help himself to your things. Kids th...

Husband back surgery - 7 years ago

I used to do Physical Therapy on post a few years ago. I don't recognize the name of the DR. but do you know the name of surgery center he works for? If it makes you feel any better the Dr.'s from W...

Prayers please - 7 years ago

I don't normally do this but I am desperate. My family is in need of prayers. God knows what it is we need I am just asking that if you are a praying person them please say a prayer for us. Thank y...

Important Vs Urgent - 7 years ago

Amen! Well said. It took my husband 12 years to figure out the Army didn't need you and won't miss you once you are gone. Your family does need you and will miss you when you are gone. Family wins...

Do cars have to stop for crossing guards? - 7 years ago

In order to turn right she had to cross the very cross walk the children were in!

Do cars have to stop for crossing guards? - 7 years ago

I got in an argument today with a lady in a van. She made a right turn while a crossing guard, with her stop sign up, was crossing a group of young children. I yell at the lady in the van to STOP be...

Extended Family & Gift Giving - 7 years ago

Well I quit giving to those who didn't give back. Sounds harsh I know but we gave to five brothers three sister in laws and lots of little nephews and nieces along with our parents (and his step mom)...

Perfumed house - 7 years ago

A dehumidifier will help tone down the smell.

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