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I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-03, 7 years ago.

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**VENT** That's It! No More Craigslist! - 5 years ago

I gave up a long time ago. People are always giving you sob story's and needing things cheep for what ever reason. Look I get it, it's a hard world but it's hard for me too. I don't have the time o...

Painting - 5 years ago

Tee C I never thought of that. Was it hard to wash all the starch off?

Painting - 5 years ago

Here at Hood they have "approved" colors you can paint. They are all really pail colors you would see in grandmas bathroom. Colors like 1970's bathroom pink/green/yellow tile. I think I will stick ...

Would you say something? - 5 years ago

Glad you found most of them. Like TeeC said, pray, it always works for me. Have you showed him your rings and asked him where the other one is? Maybe he show you his secret stash.

Thoughts on Atheist or humanist chaplains? - 5 years ago

Hay Tee C, I am good. Busy busy busy all the time. Glad you are enjoying the empty nest even though it's hard to let them go.

eBay store is open for Garbage Vulture - 5 years ago

Good luck!!!

This is why I hate Halloween - 5 years ago

I find this is very poor taste. I agree with Notsue, they need to have something letting people know it's not real. Also children won't understand the "joke". I agree with TeeC, I feel bad for anyo...

5,000,000 Reasons Why I Will Never Post a Free Item on Craigslist Again - 5 years ago

At least you didn't get the "do you have any else free?". Or the "I am in a bad place, do you have an food you could give me as well?"

Thoughts on Atheist or humanist chaplains? - 5 years ago

TeeC it's good to see you back. Where have you been?

Military would work through shutdown, paychecks could be delayed. - 5 years ago

Thoughts on this?

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