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5,000,000 Reasons Why I Will Never Post a Free Item on Craigslist Again

who's talking here?

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Tee C --- 5 years ago -

Okay, well not 5 million. Just a few...

I bought this awesome bench from a large furniture store here in Colorado, American Furniture Warehouse. My intent was to strip it and reupholster it, but I never got past the stripping part--so it has no fabric :-/. I was originally going to use it in a little nook in the house we were in before, but after we bought our current house I had no use for it so I decided to cut my losses and post it for free on Craigslist...oh Lord. Big mistake. I got 22 emails within a 6 minute period, most of which contained:

- "Can you deliver/meet me?" Mind you, they wanted to meet me 30 minutes from my house...
- Is it real wood?
- Can you please send me some more pictures so I can get a better look at it?
- Do you still have the receipt? (that was creepy)
- Are all the pieces there? Seriously--I posted pictures and even SAID in the post that they were.
- Can you hold onto it for me until Friday? I can't come pick up 'til then.

Etc, etc, etc. Even though I always do first-come, first-served on Craigslist, when I finally read the first SANE reply ("I'd love to get it and I can pick it up whenever is easiest for you") I emailed them back first. Sheesh...

Seriously--who asks someone to deliver a FREE item to them? Jesus, take the wheel... 

Silverkitten (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

At least you didn't get the "do you have any else free?". Or the "I am in a bad place, do you have an food you could give me as well?" 

Tee C --- 5 years ago -

Silverkitten, dang, lol. I didn't get asked for food--but the number of emails is up to over a hundred now. Like I said, never again... 

notsue --- 5 years ago -

Awesome. I'm guilty of screening emails and waiting for someone whos literate and not weird sounding before I reply also. 

Chad H --- 5 years ago -

I posted an Elliptical on Craigslist and one of the scammers offered to send me a cashiers check(which of course is fake). I put his phone number out on facebook and collectively we sent him 1254 text messages with pictures of pigs. 

Tee C --- 5 years ago -

The first sane guy who I contacted actually showed up to get the bench. Final tally? 213 emails and text messages. Geez... 

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