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toriT --- 7 years ago -

When we moved in we painted our kids rooms, and recently painted our entire downstairs, and EVERYONE who has been in our home has said they either didn't know they could paint or that they were told they weren't allowed to. I was told it was okay when I signed the lease and got the okay when I brought in paint samples to the neighborhood office. Has anyone else painted rooms? I couldn't live with the off-white walls anymore! 

janiedoer --- 7 years ago -

The one time I painted a border in the master bedroom of post housing. Told it was fine but had to paint it white again before we PCS'd. Luckily for use, during the pre-inspection, we found out our house was up for repainting, we were able to get away without having to cover it up! 

Silverkitten (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Here at Hood they have "approved" colors you can paint. They are all really pail colors you would see in grandmas bathroom. Colors like 1970's bathroom pink/green/yellow tile. I think I will stick to off white. 

notsue --- 7 years ago -

I havent... call me lazy. I figure once I went thru the trouble that the husband would end up having to leave here. Not excited about putting primer over it before we leave since that is a lot less satisfying than putting paint on walls. It took a while, but I'm finally getting used to the sterile walls. 

Tee C --- 7 years ago -

There are a lot of places that won't let you paint a rental home. I try to look at it from both sides.

On one hand, I don't see a problem with it as long as it's a neutral color (no black, royal blue, fire engine red, etc). And if it's a wild color, then I don't see an issue with it if the color is painted over before the tenants move.

On the other hand--honestly, very few people actually know how to paint. They watch home improvement shows and want to go nuts, but they don't know how to properly tape, cut in, or roll. Very little chafes my backside more than a sloppy paint job with runover on the ceiling line, bald spots where they didn't do enough coats, or runover on the trim. Grrrrr, lol.

When we had rental property we basically told tenants who wanted to paint, "Okay. But if you do a crap job, we're going to hire professionals to fix it and you're going to foot the bill--and pro painting is not cheap." So some of them decided they didn't want to take the chance, and some did; yeah, a few of them ended up having hundreds of dollars in painting fees taken from their deposit.

We haven't lived in housing forever, but when we did I did an alternative--fabric on the walls. Soooo simple and easy and looks great. You just find something inexpensive (WalMart broadcloth works great because it's like $1.50 a yard and comes in a bazillion colors), then soak it in starch, slap it on the walls, smooth it out, trim the ceiling line and baseboard lines with a utility blade, and let it dry. You sew small, bias tape-sized strips to hide the seams and put those up, too. When it's time to move you just mist it with warm water from a spray bottle, pull it down, do a quick wipe with soap and water, and you're done. Can't do that with paint, lol. 

toriT --- 7 years ago -

Notsue, I initially didn't want to to paint figuring luck would make my husband get orders right after, but decided that went in the Pros column (;
It didn't work though, so at least I have pretty walls to look at until orders do come.
The house we own back home is between renters and my husband allowed the prior couple to paint. I hated the colors before so I'm anxious to go see what they did with it! 

Silverkitten (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Tee C I never thought of that. Was it hard to wash all the starch off? 

janiedoer --- 7 years ago -

The people who own the house we are in are horrible painters! They painted the master bedroom and bath blue. There is paint marks on the ceilings (which are still white), the wood door and window frames. They even painted all the outlet covers! 

Tee C --- 7 years ago -

@Silverkitten, oh no, it wasn't hard at all. I usually just got a warm bucket of water with some Dawn squirted in, a big sponge, and did some quick swiping. Quick and easy. I've even heard of people not having to do the washdown afterward (because they used minimal starch and the starch didn't show when they pulled down the fabric).

@janiedoer, see, that's why I used to get aggravated at tenants painting--slopjob, bad painters. Who the heck paints the outlet covers, lmbo???

Our daughter is in college now, but I redid her room anyway because I want it to be nice for her when she comes home. The previous owners of this house only painted her room--and they put thick, gloppy coats of paint on the wall in big circles and strange, interlocking shapes! I had to sand the fricking walls down to get the uneven paint layers the same height, and then it still took three coats of primer--including the ceiling line with big splotches of red, blue and green paint showing! Grrrrr, lol. 

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