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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-30, 8 years ago.

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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! - 8 years ago

If you were that scared of him you should have got a restraining order.You didnt report him to the Mp's for the damage he did to his car. You didnt report him for the door. Therefore its your fault he...

Free dog! - 8 years ago

So in other words hes being a puppy? Our dog chews up everything. We are still working on getting him trained on it but he still does it. I guess that means we should be getting rid of him because he...

Parking in the 8 plex - 8 years ago

The lease is in your name. You can have it towed. We have done it when someone blocked our driveway. Its your house while you are renting it. Your property while you are renting it. Not saying that Pi...

Parking in the 8 plex - 8 years ago

Get them towed. They are blocking your spot so you cant use it. If its assigned to you and they wont move then call a towing company and have them moved. They will get charged for it. If its in your l...

1-7 FA - 8 years ago

Good that you heard from your men. I know thats a relief but Once again OSPEC needs to be brought up. Saying where they are and when they got in cant be put up. It can make a huge mess and put them in...

Happy Halloween!!!!! - 8 years ago

Thank you to the ones who did leave candy out on your porch. I was a little worried that because most have kids around here that there wouldnt be much trick or treating to do. We have never gone on po...

To the person on Conestoga - 8 years ago

If its that big of an issue take it to Picerne instead of just complaining about it. Its there driveway. If Picerne doesn't do anything about it then I guess its not that important. Complaining about ...

Nasty Threads - 8 years ago

If calling someone a b1tch was harassment then all of us at one point or another would be harassed. Im sure you have been calling me a b1tch all day. I sure feel harassed. I think even one of the mods...

WARNING - 8 years ago

[i]is getting cheap insults in to someone who wrote on a public forum their opinion worth it. [/i] When that person is personally trying to make others feel like sh** and like they are all knowin...

I hate it when - 8 years ago

Again if you have a problem there is a red x you can hit. I talk more on here then just giving her back what shes dishing out. But when I see it I will say something. Thats the joy of a free country.

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