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To the person on Conestoga

who's talking here?

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Not A Happy Camper --- 8 years ago -

Im so sick of seeing your ugly boat stuck in the drive way. Can you not read your lease? Or do you think you are just that special?
It clearly states and let me type it word for word to you, just in case you cant find your lease

The following types of vehicles and equipment may only be stored inside the garage with the door closed and may not be permanently parked, left overnight, stored on the streets, stored outside a garage or carport, in driveways, yards or parking lots in any housing area:
Travel trailers
Motor coaches
Cargo trailers
Camper bodies or trailer
Commercial vehicles
Tractor trailers
Boat trailers

Horse trailers

Dee --- 8 years ago -

If its that big of an issue take it to Picerne instead of just complaining about it. Its there driveway. If Picerne doesn't do anything about it then I guess its not that important. Complaining about a boat that is in there OWN drive way. Honestly. I doubt its hurting anything. 

Not A Happy Camper --- 8 years ago -

Uh Dee let me think about this, this is a FORUM which means I can voice my opinion about anything which I choose and if it bothers you then guess what dont read my post as simple as that. And it isnt their OWN drive way they do not OWN the driveway Picerne does. See you are a great of example of people thinking they actually OWN their home on post. Im so sorry you can't distinguish the difference between living in housing and respecting others and actually OWNING a home. 

Deon's wife (Donna) --- 8 years ago -

If housing didn't care then why do they keep reposting the rules in the news letter almost every month? I say call and make sure they are aware and keep calling until it's removed. JMO 

Tammy --- 8 years ago -

What if it was a nice boat? Would that make a difference to you? 

~*Kandice*~ --- 8 years ago -

Just bug picernce. I'm sure they'll do something about it. Do they have boat, rv, and such parking here?? Like a lot for it?? 

vickie --- 8 years ago -

I was told as long as they have their boats or what not parked in their own driveway there is nothing they can do. Reason I know this is when we got here almost 2 yrs ago there was a boat in the overflow parking and housing for some reason thought it was ours and told me to either put it in my driveway or in storage. 

TexasMama020507 --- 8 years ago -

I can see if it was an old hooptie that blocked the sidewalk or was spilling oil or something but honestly maybe I just like to keep to my own. If its not hurting something Im not sure I get the big deal. I realize that the rules and regs are stated and dont get me wrong I follow them. The garages here are way to small for me to park either mine or my husband's vehicle in them leaving me no choice but to use the driveway. I think the bigger complaint would be making the garages bigger so that if anyone by chance had a boat or something like a project car (or just wanted to actually park in the garage) they could put it in the garage for safe keeping verses having to PAY a storage place to store it there. 

daisypetals2000 --- 8 years ago -

yes kandice, behind the px. now... to me, it doesn't matter if it is nice or ratty... if it isn't supposed to be there (as it clearly states) then it should be removed. Picerne sets forth rules/regs and they should be followed and enforced. That annoys me so much here - people sign those lease agreements and never look through the rules they just agreed to. I am all about rules... LOL. 

~*Kandice*~ --- 8 years ago -

OK just making sure. I know ft. stewart had that too. Maybe they dont know about it might want to drop them an anonymous letter about it haha. Maybe they'll get the hint haha. 

Not A Happy Camper --- 8 years ago -

Tammy I dont care if they had a freaking yacht, I dont want to have to see it. I signed my lease and follow all the rules, It just makes me wonder why some people think they are above the rules in the lease. And YES there is storage on post, if you cant afford the storage or dont want to pay it then either move off post or dont buy a boat, rv etc. As for the garages Im just thankful we have one, I dont care if it is bigger or not. 

Ghost --- 8 years ago -

Why complain about something that doesn't even have to do with you when there are 3-10 year old kids running in front of people's cars on this road? Complain about something that matters "Not a happy camper" I'm mean Jesus. 

Army ♥ Wife --- 8 years ago -


daisypetals2000 --- 8 years ago -

lol... you guys are crackin me up with these screen names....

i can come up with lists of things to complain about...

-kids in the street...
-trash blowing around everywhere...
-speeders in the neighborhoods...
-people who don't clean up after their pets...
-the fact my neighbors are too freakin lazy to drag their trash cans in from the street...
-how about all these dang people who think a 4 bedroom house is a freakin APARTMENT BUILDING? The military provides the soldier and his/her family a home - not YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY/FRIENDS...

geez guys... if the boat bothers happy camper let him/her complain about it - shoot. It does state clearly in the lease that it shouldn't be there. Can't argue when it is in black and white... 

Not A Happy Camper --- 8 years ago -

Ghost I honestly dont understand why people like you keep answering posts if you dont like what others say. Once again if you dont like what I say then dont read it, its just that simple.
Army Wife...Im not sure what you typed but there isnt anything showing on my screen LOL 

Army ♥ Wife --- 8 years ago -

I didnt say anything I accidentally hit the add comment LOL 

Torri --- 8 years ago -

First of all it is my boat that is in the driveway. My boat is not the prettiest boat, I will agree. But it was something that I was able to enjoy all summer long with my family. My family was given that boat by a friend when I was going through chemo as few month ago. There were very few things I really could enjoy at that time, but boating was one of those things. They GAVE us that boat and you know what; it maybe ugly, but it runs.
As far as the storage issue. We have had it in storage, but the place we had it at, has since closed down for the summer and does not have winter storage (which makes no sense). Not that I have to explain anything to you, but let me tell you something. There are no available spots in the on-post storage for our boat. We would have to pay for a slip twice the size, which also means twice the price. Secondly, my husband is in the middle of winterizing the engine. And as soon as that is done, it will be leaving. Then you can look down the row and see your beautiful neighborhood again. Seriously, grow up. If I had an issue with you or with the way your house looked, the way your children act or any other issue. I would be woman enough to come to you versus b@tching about it as I walked down the street (yeah I heard you) or post it on a public forum. So sister I suggest to you that you grow a pair and act like a freaking adult.

As far as the rules on the parking issue. I don't agree with alot of the rules in housing but we dont just go around breaking them. Housing told my husband 2 weeks ago we had 30 days to move the boat (which is what they told us when WE called). But here is my issue, why is it ok for the people that live in the other housing also ran by Picerne to have their trailers, boats, and no so pretty cars at their house? Picerne rules should be straight across the board, not just for those living in what is deemed the "better" housing by some.

I would also like to point out that my boat does not hang over any walkway and we park both our vehicles in the driveway without them hanging over the walkways. So basically I am being called out because I have an "ugly boat". I guarantee she wouldn't be here b!tching had my boat had it been a nice, new shiny one. Sorry, my boat is grey, scratched up, and dinged up.

But rest your pretty little head, it will be gone soon, but on my terms not yours. Like I said we had permission, just like we did when we first moved here. 

Not A Happy Camper --- 8 years ago -

Oh ok AW, well I said what I wanted to say and hopefully it got through to the person. I am now locking this some people can move on to the next drama 

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