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I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-30, 9 years ago.

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Wow and i thought KS school was weird - 7 years ago

We are in NC and I sware these kids NEVER go to school... they get out at 2:45 every day except wednesday... they get out of school at 1:55. You guys were eating lunch and my kiddos were coming home....

deployment question - 7 years ago

They could be on their way home and the date still change by a couple days. I just give up even counting until they are leaving the last stop before home. Even then, the time is NEVER right. Deploy...

If you've had a baby on post... - 7 years ago

LOL... you guys make me feel bad... I always sent the babies away at night so I could rest before going home to be supermommy. ;)

Call me crazy but... - 7 years ago

I yard sale all the time - I don't dig through piles and I don't ask prices. So that being said, I agree with you. It takes ALOT of work to set one up appropriately.

Ideas to enduce labor - 7 years ago

I have heard castor oil and candy work... haven't ever tried it myself though. I tried everything else and nothing worked... I finally said screw it and let nature decide. Worked out better that way...

dso electric "convenience fees" - 7 years ago

idk... the tag office used to charge a ridiculous fee for using a credit card in there. They have since stopped it, but I wanna say it was like a percentage of your transaction? Does anyone remember...

Is this normal? - 7 years ago

All babies develop differently. My little guy turns 2 next month - he just started speaking within the last few weeks. My son has always been a "lazy" baby. I don't think he even attemtped to roll ...

Clearing - 7 years ago

[i]Lol just think Amy, Im a halfway point :) [/i] you certainly are... I was thinking that when I was driving back this time... if we would have gotten campbell we would have been home by now. lo...

Clearing - 7 years ago

Fine.... force me to drive all the way to campbell why dontcha? ;)

Clearing - 7 years ago

Torri! Are you going to be coming through Kansas City tonight? I would love to see ya on your way through...

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