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Proud Army Wife --- 8 years ago -

I came home today to see a moving truck in front of our building ... my jackass, annoying, self centered, egotistical, idiotic neighbor is PCSing today!! 

proud wife of a retiree --- 8 years ago -

happy happy joy joy!!
doing the happy dance!!! 

Proud Army Wife --- 8 years ago -

I told my husband , I wonder if the movers will let me help pack so him and his girlfriend can get out of here even faster 

proud wife of a retiree --- 8 years ago -

lol...yeeeeaaaaa, I doubt that!!! 

CoCoPuffs --- 8 years ago -


laura --- 8 years ago -

Hey is it a small moving truck lol. I saw it when I came around the bend there by where you said you lived lol. On Meade. Happy for you!!! 

~*Kandice*~ --- 8 years ago -

I wish mine was moving!! Him and his GF and his roommate...would be so nice!!! 

a3101526uu --- 8 years ago -

i understand, mine moved out a few days ago and i am so relieved that i dont have to get dirty looks everytime i go outside. my old neigbor was so dumb, she got her kids to even not like me for no reason!! when she quit talking to me then her kids did also, when before that they would say hi and ask 100 questions everytime i seen them!! some people are so immature its not even funny!! 

Proud Army Wife --- 8 years ago -

Yssssss Laura that was it !!! He wouldnt have needed a moving truck if it werent for his girlfriend because his wife has all their furniture 

laura --- 8 years ago -

LMAO!!! That is awesome!!! Glad the wife got smart my the girlfriend will too lol! If he's such a D*ck! Lol 

Proud Army Wife --- 8 years ago -

Oh hes a d*ck and thats putting it nicely lol 

notsue --- 8 years ago -

I'd say I'd like to see a moving truck, but who knows what the next tenant will be like. Better to just stick with something familiar. Tho from what you've posted before, yours is someone who even I would not be able to live next to. 

Proud Army Wife --- 8 years ago -

this guy blares his tv / music, has other joes living with him and his girlfriend, has told my husband to F off to my husbands face, has called me a b!tch, scratched the hood and trunk of our car all up and when I came home a few weeks ago from being gone for 2 hours my doorknob on my front door was hanging off, I called housing and told them I think someone tried breaking in my house they said oh the doorknobs come lose we will send a maint. guy out. Im sorry doorknobs dont just fall off in a 2 hr period unless somene is yanking on them.
Every time I reported the guy to housing they would say oh we stopped over and couldnt hear anything, or we talked to him and he was really nice to us. I didnt call the MP's because I was so afraid of him, I even told housing OVER and OVER again that I was afraid of this guy 

notsue --- 8 years ago -

Yes, I hate when you have to witness wrong doing, because you are left in a tough position. If you think the person is unstable you may have to deal with some kinda backlash because they are upset about getting caught. However, if you just ignore the behavior and try to live with it, you are miserable anyway. Damned if you do, and damned if you dont. 

Dee --- 8 years ago -

If you were that scared of him you should have got a restraining order.You didnt report him to the Mp's for the damage he did to his car. You didnt report him for the door. Therefore its your fault he got away with it and nothing was done. Housing can only do so much before it really is an MP issue. Things like that should have been turned into the Mp's not housing. If you were really that scared of him a restraining order is what you should have got. Now because there is no complaints against him he can go do it to someone else and make there lives miserable without there being any "prior" things. Maybe next time he will hurt someone or break in and he will have no priors so he could get away with it. 

Proud Army Wife --- 8 years ago -

Im just glad he is gone and am hoping someone decent moves in. 

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