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I joined this crazy place on 2010-07-20, 8 years ago.

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Menu plans? - 8 years ago

Whip up a couple of eggs. The get some bbq chips crush them. Then cut chicken in bite size prices, dip them in eggs, then in chips. Put on baking sheet and cook @ 350 for about 15-20 mins until chicke...

FRMS - 8 years ago

I think they are a good school but when it comes to other things like the PT1, PT2 they are stupid! My son is not the greatest at keeping his mouth shut but one time he said " Huskers are awesome, and...

Please help support this idea! - 8 years ago

Signed!! I hope they would make a stricter(sp) punishment for abusers!! Those people are scum!

Lost Male Brindle Boxer - 8 years ago

Lmao! He's telling how much he loves you and he missed ya lol.

Lost Male Brindle Boxer - 8 years ago

Yay glad you found him, sucks that he is in jail lol! But he safe lol.

Lost Male Brindle Boxer - 8 years ago

What's his name BTW!

Lost Male Brindle Boxer - 8 years ago

Where do you live? I live on Meade and will keep my eyes open for him! Good Luck!

Westboro Baptist Church...LOSES! - 8 years ago

Wow that video gave me chills!!!

natural healing - 8 years ago

Good things come from Minnesota!!! That is where I'm from!!!

why? - 8 years ago

Maybe they could get out and chew on wire an such. That's what I'm guessing. Never seen a hairless rat! That sounds scary lol. Good luck!

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