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I joined this crazy place on 2010-03-15, 9 years ago.

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Im a chef, army wife mother of three.

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red light district? - 8 years ago

I live in Forsyth,what is with the red porch lights? is it true that they are advertising that they are available and there spouses are gone? or is that just folk lore?i dont want to live in a "red li...

2 8.9 earthquakes and two 13ft tsunamis hit japan - 8 years ago

we have family on the far end of the peninsula in WA. they have been evacuated to the inland under a tsumami warning,our prayers are definaly with them.

Gastric Bypass Surgery - 8 years ago

well, everyone hast to do what works for them and what there doctor recomends,however personal judgement from random strangers isnt christian or productive,good luck with doing it your way snd ill do ...

Gastric Bypass Surgery - 8 years ago

it is not an easy way out. when you get more than over weight and your health is in jepardy, and your issues are working against your ability to loose weight,you gotta do something more.there are more...

Gastric Bypass Surgery - 8 years ago

3lovingmysoilder3 please let us know how your tummy tuck consult goes im vrey interested.

Gastric Bypass Surgery - 8 years ago

i had it done and im very glad i did. ive lost 120lbs and gained my life back,i was diabetic, high blood pressure, high cholesteral,and on the verge of a stroke. there comes a time when you have to do...

P90X - 8 years ago

its awsome and totally worth it.

my friend is on bed rest - 8 years ago

I have a friend who is 25 weeks pregnant with twins who is on bed rest in the hospitol. Im looking for suggestions on things to make for her or for her to do,anyone who has been there done that let me...

Applique Makers - 8 years ago

I would look for a "line drawing" coloring book type print it out.cut out all the pieces.apply some sort of fusable webbing to the wrong side of each color fabric you need then trace each picture piec...

any one know where i can get acu fabric? - 8 years ago

Joann's on poyntz in Manhattan,Hobby Lobby, and walmart has it sometimes.

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