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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-18, 9 years ago.

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Next Sunday - 7 years ago

lol about having a doll as me... y'all are too funny... I want pics... I miss you guys so much!

Next Sunday - 7 years ago

definitely will be there in spirit... have a few drinks for me! :)

Next Sunday - 7 years ago

I've never seen it but after another friend posted a pic of eric on the fb invite for her party, I just may start watching! lol wish I could be there at your party jennie... miss you guys tons alread...

So yeah - 7 years ago

yeah it looked like it was snowing at your house yesterday!

So yeah - 7 years ago

I'm mopping the whole house here today bc we clear housing tomorrow so if there are really bad storms this weekend you can blame

Glucose test - 7 years ago

I wish they had the fruit punch option here when I was pregnant with my son last year... with my daughter, my doctor in florida had a cola flavored one so it was just like drinking a coke...

Porch light. - 7 years ago

I like to leave it on all the time so people looking for places to break into won't know if we're home or not. but when he's home, hubby turns it off at night which bugs the heck out of me but I guess...

Why is that when - 7 years ago

lmao at this thread! :) oh and I'm partially to blame for the weather I mopped too bc we had our housing preinspection. sorry... ok now get over it! ;) he he he

Screen name - 7 years ago

don't get me wrong - I DO think he's a total babe/hottie/fox... but the name actually came from his MOS... most people don't think of the hottie/fox tho they assume it's our last name... which just he...

Screen name - 7 years ago

my name is made up bc I don't like posting my name all over the internet...I came up with it bc I'm married and fox comes from hubby's mos but people often assume fox is my last name...or that I thin...

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