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proud wife of a retiree

I joined this crazy place on 2010-03-23, 11 years ago.

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Question about Craigslist and payments - 8 years ago

ok.. thanks you all... I thought so... and had actually told some people that I would not mail the rings... and then never heard from them again... but just wanted to make sure I wasn't just being sus...

Question about Craigslist and payments - 8 years ago

See... that is why I don't trust it... I know that we buy stuff on ebay and we are not local to where they are... just have never sold anything before that someone local did not buy....just makes me n...

Question about Craigslist and payments - 8 years ago

I currently have 2 things on riley and craigslist. I keep getting requests from people wanting my goods but wanting to pay by paypal. I know ebay uses paypal and have used it before to pay for things ...

Thoughts on this? - 8 years ago

missthe80s.. That is very scary... when you look at a package, you trust that it is correct.. and what is in there is correct...

Thoughts on this? - 8 years ago

My grandson has a severe peanut allergy.. he carries an epi-pen everywhere he goes... he is only 4.. there are a lot of things at Aldi's which is not name brand that he can eat.. that is the main plac...

Dear Eagle Pass Road Parents - 8 years ago

toriT, I am guessing you live in that area! lol... guess you have had enough huh??

2013 Mud Bogg - 8 years ago

Will be a nice day I think.. we won free tickets (2)!!! But still need to buy 3! I can't wait!

Have you been seen by this physician??? - 8 years ago

I have the choice of seeing a couple of physicians by the last name of Lamb and Lawrence in Home 1... has anyone seen them before and if you have, what was your experience? Thanks..

pcsing to riley in jan... - 8 years ago

I didnt have kids in any of the elementary schools... my youngest was a freshman when we moved here... but he didnt have any problems here... my granddaughter went to kindergarten at Lincoln before th...

pcsing to riley in jan... - 8 years ago

We stayed here after we retired... we like it here... to us its like any other town... has its good and bad... we never lived on post, only off and we bought... loved our house on a cul-de-sac... now ...

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