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Question about Craigslist and payments

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proud wife of a retiree --- 5 years ago -

I currently have 2 things on riley and craigslist. I keep getting requests from people wanting my goods but wanting to pay by paypal. I know ebay uses paypal and have used it before to pay for things we have bought. Are these legit and if not, what should I watch out for anyone know?

Silverkitten (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Why can't they pay cash if they are picking up? First of the month, they should have money in the bank they can pull out. 

proud wife of a retiree --- 5 years ago -

See... that is why I don't trust it... I know that we buy stuff on ebay and we are not local to where they are... just have never sold anything before that someone local did not buy....just makes me nervous... especially when u hear of all the scamming 

janiedoer --- 5 years ago -

I would use the Square and iPhone app and accept a major credit card. However since there is a fee to use it and would charge them that additional fee if they didn't want to pay cash. Example selling something for $45, would charge $47 to use their card. 

notsue --- 5 years ago -

Usually if they mention paypal its a scam. 

Chad H --- 5 years ago -

If its craigslist DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL or mail anything to anyone, it is most likely a scam. What will happen is they will offer to pay with paypal. Then send someone to pick it up, minutes after they get the item, they cancel the paypal transaction. eBay has buyer and seller protection. You ship an item to a VERIFIED address. 

proud wife of a retiree --- 5 years ago -

ok.. thanks you all... I thought so... and had actually told some people that I would not mail the rings... and then never heard from them again... but just wanted to make sure I wasn't just being suspicious... 

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