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I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-25, 8 years ago.

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Shopette Parking Lot Salemen - 6 years ago

Many of us have complained in the past on here about those pushy salesmen at the shopette. There is a female one at the one by the hospital and she tries to flirt and throw her body at guys to sell th...

Garage sale prices - 6 years ago

LL824...I have always thought the same. Make it like an outdoor flea market. At least there would be traffic control and all sales would be more accessible. I had someone trying to get to mine for an ...

little boy eye - 6 years ago

Sounds like a subconjunctival hemorrhage. It is common and your PCM should be able to see him for it. It should disappear on its own over a few days, but get it checked out since it can be a symptom o...

Garage sale prices - 6 years ago rock! Hope you get some gems.

Garage sale prices - 6 years ago

LOL. She must have been at my sale a few years ago. I guess I will just price 70-80% off retail. I usually have a free box too. I never return anything to my house, so I load it up in my truck afte...

Garage sale prices - 6 years ago

I have been cleaning out and getting ready to do the post wide garage sale, but I was wondering what prices you use for items. I did one two years ago and within two hours I was practically sold out. ...

handicapped parking - 6 years ago

If you are familiar with the fair housing act and ADA policies, "A designated disability parking space cannot be reserved. But a reserved space can be accessible." So as long as there is a minimum 2% ...

handicapped parking - 6 years ago

I wish they would crack down more on cell phone use on post. I just about t-boned a soccer mom in her van on her phone the other day. I had a green light to go straight and she did not pay enough atte...

Ellis Heights Internet - 6 years ago

Allegiance is terrible, they just increased my bill a whopping $49 this month because my 'promotional period' is over. It would have been nice of them to send me a letter. I cannot believe I have been...

Would you? - 6 years ago

Gemini....I can totally understand where you are coming from. I ws very pregnant a few winters ago here and I would not even venture out on the porch because I was afraid of slipping and falling. Preg...

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