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Ellis Heights Internet

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The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

So I got Century Link hooked up and I get about half a Megabyte a second and it is horrible. I've had the techs out here several times and when they leave I am getting about 7mps and then an hour goes by and it's back down.

Does anyone in Ellis Heights use Allegiance or something else? 

Gemini09 --- 7 years ago -

That is centurylink for you. The only other thing available is Allegience. I have heard they are no better, but they do offer cable internet when centurylink does not offer that here. It is more expensive though. I have heard rumors that Att is available for internet, but not sure how it works. 

flgirl --- 7 years ago -

Im not sure how much you pay but I do not think allegiance is expensive. Especially since it works. I have their 10mgs and havent had a problem with them in well over a year. I usually get around 9ish since no one guarantees the mgs, it always says up to x amount 

The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

flgirl do you know if they have a data cap like you can only use so much data a month. I don't use cable and we use Hulu Plus and Netflix for all of our shows but I may very well switch over because this is ridiculous. 

flgirl --- 7 years ago -

They do but it is so high I have never gone over it in the 3 years we have been here, my husband, myself and our son are always watching hulu plus, netflix, my son plays WOW and is always downloading stuff, does his school work online. Plus we also use our cell phones and ipads lol 

Garbage Vulture --- 7 years ago -

The problem is most likely your router. If you are useing a low bandwidth router it may be slowing you down. We paid $99 at the PX for a larger faster router and our speeds picked up greatly. 

toriT --- 7 years ago -

I went over the Allegiance cap once, right after I had my son. It is really high though, and I haven't done it since. 

jlstough --- 7 years ago -

If you're using the century link router that's prolly the problem. My century link was atrocious, paying for 10megs and rarely getting even 3. Bought a new router and we get about 7 now. 

The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

We have the router/modem in one. I hooked up our own router and it seemed to do better for about 20 minutes then went right back down. Maybe I'm not hooking it up right? 

Brianna --- 7 years ago -

Allegiance is terrible, they just increased my bill a whopping $49 this month because my 'promotional period' is over. It would have been nice of them to send me a letter. I cannot believe I have been on a 'promotional period' for 40 months. I think they just are greedy. I cannot wait for the hubby to get home and cancel their service and go with century link. Apparently I am not on the account, even though I was tthe one who went into the office and set it all up., otherwise I would be all over it. 

MangaIsLikeCrack --- 7 years ago -

We have century link and havn had any problems .... We switched from Allegience who well let's see... Raised our bill, Internet was slow, and we kept getting it shut off because when we would go out of town some one was using our Internet to down load porn. ( this happened while wireless and everything was u plugged even) plus we pay less and we never have lag even when hubby is watching video games and I'm playing on line games... 

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