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I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-08, 8 years ago.

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Taxes when overseas - 6 years ago

How do you file taxes if husband is in Korea? We always go to hr block but I heard they don't accept poa anymore

korea please help - 6 years ago

Doll was your hub in rear d last year or year before during deploymeny

lawyers in hawaii - 6 years ago

We have it set already but it was set when we were in hawaii and deployed so now that we are in kansas and not deployed we make like $3000 less

korea please help - 6 years ago

Ah ok . Sorry i wish i knew too so i could plan lol. I wish you luck

korea please help - 6 years ago

He can download an app called firetalk to his normal smartphone and he can call you for free on your normal phone plan from what i understand

lawyers in hawaii - 6 years ago

Anyone ever use a lawyer in honolulu, hawaii for child support/ custody? Looking for info on who is good and who to stay away from.

korea please help - 6 years ago

So he gets there and gets a cell. How does that work on my end? I dont want a huge cell bill from sprint for calling korea or accepting calls. What do i need?

korea please help - 6 years ago

Thanks yard. Im sure ill have my list of questions lol. He has a cell?

korea please help - 6 years ago

My husband is going to korea this spring. Is there any advice to give? I would like to know what to send in care packages that they cant get over there, also what should he bring, lines of communucati...

pcs to where you want - 6 years ago

We are in polk area now for christmas leave

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