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I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-29, 8 years ago.

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SFC Promotion List - 7 years ago

I believe it will come out in early April. You can view the official list on HRC after logging in with an AKO account.

eye exam on post? - 8 years ago

In case anyone has this question in the future, the answer is that yes you go straight to opthalmology. No physical or anything. Took about 20 minutes including check-in.

eye exam on post? - 8 years ago

Hi, I've never had an eye exam on post before. When I go to the clinic, do I just go straight into the Ophthalmology parts (i.e. read the letters, puffer test, etc.)? Or do I have to do the standard h...

Kansas Oktoberfest? - 8 years ago

Hi everybody, this is our first fall in Kansas and we are looking for a fun Oktoberfest celebration. Preferably one where people wear trachten and we won't look out of place in our dirndl and lederhos...

Question for GV - 8 years ago

Per UCMJ Article 120, it's 16.

Anybody else have problems with mail delivery? - 8 years ago

Thanks everyone for your responses. a2798986uu, no it was not Tri City. We have One Accord. I have to say I was a little creeped out by him showing up at my house on a Friday evening. I asked him t...

Anybody else have problems with mail delivery? - 8 years ago

We moved to Riley in the spring and seem to be having some trouble with mail delivery. The first incident was when we received the bill for our newly installed fence 3 weeks AFTER it was postmarked.(F...

On base housing options/ ??? - 8 years ago

Hi Katena, just a quick comment on the wait list estimates. We were #267 on the waitlist with an estimated 8 month wait when we PCS'd, and got a place the very first day we went to housing. If those p...

Help with dog kennel for difficult dog - 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion. They are leash trained, and do great when hiking with us, running, etc. The issue is with a stranger doing it, in a strange place, under high stress conditions. One dog is f...

TV reception with antenna? - 8 years ago

LOL. Satellite it is. Thank you for your input.

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