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On base housing options/ ???

who's talking here?

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Katena --- 5 years ago -

We have orders to Riley in November. We would love a 5 but know that is highly unlikely. What are the best housing areas? We would love to be in walking distance of commissary;school. Are all schools on base I have elementary, middle and high.
We need a 4 bedroom or bigger;E5. Is there a preschool program. What is the weather like in November. We are coming from WA State. Thank you everybody!!! 

Garbage Vulture --- 5 years ago -

elemntary and middle schools on post. Freshman Academy and High School off post. Forsyth is advertised as a walking community but depends on where you live and how far you are willing to walk. We are 600 yards from school but 2 miles from Commisary/PX I guess if you were in the middle of the housing area you could easily do both. Weather is OK in Nov but cold in Feb. 

LovinLife824 --- 5 years ago -

I think the housing on post is a complete dump, probably like most posts. They build them too quick. We even got a renovated one and have mice. You can barely feel the A/C upstairs. You have to pay monthly for a fence, if you want one or can build your own. They are pretty quick with maintenance, but some things need more fixing than they are willing to put up the money for. Take for example, our back patio door that you can clearly see outside through the joints. They "fixed" that with weather stripping that came off a month later. It's honestly a joke. If we knew we were going to be staying here longer than a year then we would move off post. 

Robyn --- 5 years ago -

We have 5 kids. Live in Forsyth in a four bedroom. It is across a main road from the px and commissary. Has a pool, dog park, trail, and an k-5 school. Also there is a lake behind the neiborhood too! There is some walking involved in some areas that might be kind of far. But 2 miles would be the farthest I believe. Clinics aren't that close or hospital or the middle school from this part of post (5-7 miles). Buses run to the middle school. We closed a lot of our downstairs vents and have dark curtains upstairs. We don't have issues with heating or cooling. We pay 30 a month for a fence. But we would starve to death if we lived in a small over crowded 3bd off post! Cost of living is high compared to bah here. We have been here 4 plus years. We got our housing brand new. We love our house, area on post, and Fort Riley. But it's NOT like Dallas.... No shopping districts, crime is low, and housing is more costly. 

Katena --- 5 years ago -

@ Robyn thanks I asked about 5 brooms today they told me a 2 year wait list. Hubby retires in 2 years so we definitely want on base housing. We have 6 boys but only 5 are coming with us. Thanks ladies. 

notsue --- 5 years ago -

Time to buy some bunk beds... I don't think its worth waiting for a 5 bedroom.
I started out on the hill in an unrenovated home and couldn't complain. The place was old, but it was across the street from the school and close enough to the main road to keep me happy. I liked the place and still kinda miss it.
When they were ready to renovate they moved us into brand new construction at the bottom of the hill and its nice. Have no complaints down here cept that I find the extra room up front to be wasted space. Would rather of had a larger great room, but I'm not going to complain. My furniture makes me happy in my house. We are across the street from a school again, so that's a plus. Being at the bottom of the hill means no more dealing with the traffic coming down the hill when I want to go anywhere. I'm less than 2 miles from the commissary.
I receive money every month from the energy company here even tho we have 2-3 TVs, 4 computers, and 1-3 Xboxes running at any given time.
If space is really important, I'd be looking off post. I have no idea what its like living in a family that large, since I only have 3 kids. 

Katena --- 5 years ago -

We have a 4 bedroom here 2 story not sure of the square footage. We are I street over from the school so that would be a plus. Thanks for the info. 

a3502595uu --- 5 years ago -

Hi Katena, just a quick comment on the wait list estimates. We were #267 on the waitlist with an estimated 8 month wait when we PCS'd, and got a place the very first day we went to housing. If those people ahead of you on the list aren't physically here with their families, you will get bumped way up when you arrive. Good luck! 

Katena --- 5 years ago -

@a3502595uu thanks housing told me about a month. Thanks Katt 

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