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Help with dog kennel for difficult dog

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a3502595uu --- 5 years ago -

Hi, we are new to Fort Riley, and are looking for a dog kennel for our two pooches when we travel. One dog is easygoing and will adapt to anything, but the other is people-shy with a high prey drive and is toy-aggressive with dogs other than her sister.

We tried RC Kennels over Memorial Day weekend because we liked it best out of the 5 we toured. While they came back safe, it wasn't a good fit for the second dog due to her temperament. She doesn't like to be leashed by strangers (or anyone that isn't myself or my husband) and so there was a lot of stress for her there. The staff was nice about it, and I know that kennel is great for most dogs, but it's just not a good fit for her.

We're looking for a place that's maybe further out with fewer military boarders - maybe Abilene or somewhere more rural? We don't mind having to drive an hour or so in either direction. We are coming from Germany, and their kennel there was indoor/outdoor that opened into the play area, so she didn't have to be leashed and could be let out into either side for the other to be cleaned. They loved it there and we are looking for a place that is a little bit more farm-like in its setup so that she is not on edge the whole time.

Does anyone that has lived here longer have advice for us? We have asked the vet clinic and visited all the kennels on their list, but all of them require the workers to leash the dog to take them out to potty or play. A kennel with experience working with high-drive K9 dogs would be even better. Thanks in advance for any help! 

janiedoer --- 5 years ago -

We used Town & Country in Salina to board out dog for 10 days while we went on vacation. We thought their rates were very reasonable and were great with our dog. She barks a lot at new people and chases birds and squirrels and has no leash training, because she is out lap baby that has a huge back yard!

Everyone there was very nice! 

JPaint21 --- 5 years ago -

I don't know of any around here that don't leash. We use Prim & Popper Parlor in rural Abilene on Old Hwy 40. The lady that runs the place is great and she might at least let you voice your concerns and give you some answers. I believe there is one in Detroit (between Chapman and Abilene) called Sunrise Kennels or something like that. We have also used one in Salina on the North side of town but I can't recall the name. 

a3502595uu --- 5 years ago -

Thanks for the suggestions, janiedoer and JPaint21. I talked to Town & Country and Prim & Popper, and they both require leashing. She did give me another lead that I will follow up on, though. 

Lady Irish --- 5 years ago -

If you could leash train them now and keep working at it, it will take very little time for them to be wanting to go out on a lease. This will be great for your animals and can help your shy pup deal with the anxieties! Good Luck!! 

a3502595uu --- 5 years ago -

Thanks for the suggestion. They are leash trained, and do great when hiking with us, running, etc. The issue is with a stranger doing it, in a strange place, under high stress conditions. One dog is fine with strangers leashing her; the other is not. It's not really a behavior that can be altered, trust me, we've spent a lot of time and money trying. She's easily trainable and very smart, she has extremely high ball drive and has good recall. You can throw the frisbee and she will wait while you rattle off a list of words, and won't budge until she hears the release word. She is just a one-family Malinois, and she won't behave that way for anybody else. She is now 4 and we've accepted that this is the way she is, and we need to find a place that understands her. We'll keep looking and if we can't find one, we just won't be going anywhere we can't take them. Again, thanks for the suggestion, I wish it were that easy!! 

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