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I joined this crazy place on 2012-06-12, 6 years ago.

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I like fishing, hiking, spending time at rivers, spending time with friends and learning new things. Don't like Nosey Nancys or drama...

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Where in IACH do I go to change Doctors? And... - 6 years ago

Thank you all!

Where in IACH do I go to change Doctors? And... - 6 years ago

I need to change doctors on post or see about a getting a new one off post for "Woman" issues.So one of my questions is, where do I go in IACH to do so(called Tricare, they told me Ft. Riley is patica...

Ft Leonard Wood - 6 years ago

Its not. I am from Arkansas, close to the MO border.I don't have much info on FT. LostintheWoods though. Sorry but I can call out every state on reasons someone thinks they should be worried about rac...

RYS Rant - 6 years ago

I always get the simple line emailed to me that only says " ill give u $50". I ignore them. I will not hold stuff either. Oh, I have also got that on every item I have posted. Like five minutes later ...

How many times can I post the same stuff? - 6 years ago

Ha!Ha! Well, just go post it one more time :) maybe someone will "be nice" and give you money just because they really want to help a begger out. LMAO! *Sarcasm* Yes, yes me thinks me do have to put ...

Picerne/Fence Rental Rant - 6 years ago

[i]What luck, neighbor put up his fence today, So I have less to do for mine. Saved me about $80.[/i] HAHA!!!! Thats awesome isn't it?! You will see a lot of the "inter workings" of the local bus...

Bad experience on Bookoo - 6 years ago

You can track her through her email. There is a Search on Bookoo, not the item search, and you can either put their name in or their email address. Their email address should be in your email if you p...

where would you retire? - 6 years ago

DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM DRUM!!!!!!!!!! I would give my pinkie toe to go back. I am not from the north but I sure loved it there. I mean you have Kingston, rig...

I'm I the only one... - 6 years ago

I will just bag my own stuff. I have been for a few months now. I got tired of forgeting to have cash to tip and feeling like crap for it AND getting rolling eyes and grumps from the baggers. They pis...

Wounded Vet mocked by Best Western worker! - 6 years ago Its on Fox's website, Army W.T.F. Facebook and others... I am so angry she still has her job. Did I mention I was angry?!

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