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Bad experience on Bookoo

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Dess --- 6 years ago -

I just bought an item from a person here on post. This is my first bad expereince with anyone through bookoo. I know that I cannot get my money back but I just thought Id share my lesson learned today. I am generally too trusting of people... hopefully this will teach me to beware when dealing with this type of seller/person.

The item was inside their home, upstairs. As they went to retrieve it, the woman went on and on about how the item was kept inside, was clean, and had never been outside. From a distance, the item looked perfectly fine. After it was sat in the front room(retrieved from upstairs), which I was not invited to come in and see, she asked for the money. I handed it to her from the porch through the door. The item was placed on the front porch and as I began to look over it, the door was shut and locked.

I stood there for a while looking it over. Because the situation was already awkward and the sellers not very nice...I loaded it, realizing it was greatly flawed but I thought it would be alright still. After getting it out of my car, I discovered it was leaking. I called the woman back and polietly told her the item was full of water, had been kept outside (could tell from the legs), and I was dissapointed it was not as she said. Would she consider returning my money? I was absolutely poliete in this request.

She ignored me for the day and then this morning, called to basically tell me off. She then said she kept the item inside but when she bought it off of bookoo before, it was kept outside. Something she forgot to mention in our earlier conversation. She told me she wasn't a Wal-mart and it was bookoo, so when you buy stuff from bookoo you get used and abused and shouldn't expect anything more.

She was rude, sarcastic, and had no reason to be. There was nothing about my request which was unreasonable and I was never in any way disrespectful. I guess its simply a matter of character.

So my lesson learned today... even if Im out a small amount of money and Im setting this object out by the trash, from this point on, I will take caution before handing my money to anyone... I should have never left the house with it hindsight... but lesson learned.

She has deleted the item off bookoo, not just marked it as sold, so I cannot track her other items. Wish bookoo had seller feedback option or something. 

susanp68 --- 6 years ago -

Wow, it really stinks that this happened. I have had bad experiences on bookoo too because of not so trustworthy people. I too wish bookoo had a feedback option. I hope you didn't lose too much money on this. 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

This is one of those times when you need to trust your gut... When I sell something I have it in the front room waiting before the buyer gets there... I will also allow you into my home. If I was uncomfortable with strangers in my home then I'd have the item ready in the garage and allow you in there... but this whole hand money thru the doorway crap before actually touching item... no thank you. Sorry you had a bad experience, lesson learned as you said, and a reminder for the rest of us. 

~*Kandice*~ --- 6 years ago -

I do think a feedback option would be great. It might make people a little more honest. Most of the people I have encountered on Bookoo or Craiglist make me want to go on a rampage. I have just about stopped using those sites completely. 

donewithitall --- 6 years ago -

You can track her through her email. There is a Search on Bookoo, not the item search, and you can either put their name in or their email address. Their email address should be in your email if you put the option to have your messages fowarded to your email.
If ya catch who it its let us all know. Thats what they get for being poor sellers. Public knowledge that they should not be delt with and Public protection from "fraud".
I forgot to say that freaking sucks. Lesson learned but they should be ashamed of theirselves, too. 

Dess --- 6 years ago -

THanks for the info on how to track her. She currently has 0 items listed but I did find her profile. Nice to know of that search option so I can avoid any further listing she may put online. 

a4473105uu --- 5 years ago -

you can find the bookoo listing even if the seller deletes the post. my husband just had a bad experience with a seller on bookoo. the ad specifically stated the laptop had a harddrive and a battery. when we got the item home, it was empty of both. My husband went to bookoo to look at the ad thinking that maybe he read it wrong but the ad as no longer on bookoo. I started thinking, once something goes on the net, its never really deleted so I googled "bookoo laptop in Elko" (the town the guy was from) and low and behold, there on google was the item! (you can find anything on I clicked on "cache" and google took me right to the original ad. sure enough, the laptop described the HD and battery. We are still out the $ as the seller refuses to make it right but I wanted to let you know that there are ways of finding these deleted ads. I am planning on going to every yardsale group in my Facebook and letting everyone know to be careful of this seller. 

soldierboy54 --- 5 years ago -

Save a copy of the ad. Save the laptop. Take them to small claims court in your county. It costs $60 to file and you can get a judgement against them. You still might be out money,but the judgement NEVER goes away. And it racks up interest and charges during all that time. 

Tee C --- 5 years ago -

@soldierboy54, that is freaking awesome advice. Sock it to them; they may get away today but you're right, it will be on their credit report for the duration. Contrary to what people believe, things don't just "drop off" a credit report after a certain amount of time. 

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