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I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-05, 9 years ago.

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missing him - 5 years ago

Also careful what you post. You gave out way to much information about his flight. You are not to post flight information what he's doing where he's at or where he is going when it comes to deployment...

Dog boarding - 5 years ago

Ya he treated the dog good. The only thing is some people are against shock collars and he uses those during obedience trianing. But i couldnt stand my dog when i 1st got her she was only 6 months old...

Dog boarding - 5 years ago

I had to go take care of my sister back in 2007 when she broke her leg ( since husband was deployed and i didnt work she needed someone to be with her while she heeled) We were told about this place h...

Gate Guard Question - 5 years ago

He was able to renlist. but thanks. That still wont be totally out of the question because if he doesnt get promoted before this 3 or 4 years is up then he has to get out because of years in service t...

Gate Guard Question - 6 years ago

Thanks, I'm not even sure if he is getting out at his ETS date. Their are 2 reasons he may have to. #1 he has heard his reenlistment window may close April 1st. Well he is in the field till between ma...

Gate Guard Question - 6 years ago

I guess i should say if they are even doing civilian gate guards anymore. I know when we left in 2012 they were starting to phase them out and have soldiers only.

Gate Guard Question - 6 years ago

This is a long shot since no one ever gets on here. But does anyone know how to go about getting a job as a gate guard? Is there a name of a company my husband can contact? I know there are so many ho...

Do cars have to stop for crossing guards? - 6 years ago

As a crossing guard they should have said something to the person or got the license plate #to turn into the mps.

Do cars have to stop for crossing guards? - 6 years ago

Yes, they have to stop!!! Even if its a 4 way intersection none of the cars can go until the children has crossed. I don't care if you are turning and not going straight you still have to stop. If you...

Ghost - 6 years ago

Yes around Halloween time their are ghost tours

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