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Gate Guard Question

who's talking here?

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Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

This is a long shot since no one ever gets on here. But does anyone know how to go about getting a job as a gate guard? Is there a name of a company my husband can contact? I know there are so many hours of classes/training you need to take but i'm not sure where to start or who to contact

We are currently stationed in Germany and may be getting out of the Army at my husbands ETS date of next fall. If that happens we want to come back to Riley because we have a house there, but obviously at least 1 of us will need a job. 

Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

I guess i should say if they are even doing civilian gate guards anymore. I know when we left in 2012 they were starting to phase them out and have soldiers only. 

janiedoer --- 7 years ago -

Most gate guards are soldiers or MPs now. In Germany, where we were they were German Ponds guards. Last I heard, DA civilian police are slowly being phased out as well. 

Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

Thanks, I'm not even sure if he is getting out at his ETS date. Their are 2 reasons he may have to. #1 he has heard his reenlistment window may close April 1st. Well he is in the field till between march 30th and April 3rd. If finis window isn't closed the 2nd reason why he may not reenlist is because he is E5 has been since 2009, but he has almost 12 years in service. It use to be 12 years in survive to E5 and 15 years if your promotable. But he has heard that it changed and it doesn't matter if you are promotable or not it's 12 years service to E5 and well like I said he is almost at 12 years. He would have to get promoted which he has the points. Could have been picked up just about every month we have been in Germany but he hasn't been to the ssg board. Only time will tell when he gets out of the field what's going to happen. 

janiedoer --- 7 years ago -

Good Luck! My hubs last day as a soldier is this Friday! Happy and anxious to get this next chapter started. 

a3154122uu --- 7 years ago -

I know the thread is old but if still looking for a guard position look after June 1 on USAjobs. The guards are federal employees not contractors so the only place to check is the website. Can check all fed jobs there. Best of luck


Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

He was able to renlist. but thanks. That still wont be totally out of the question because if he doesnt get promoted before this 3 or 4 years is up then he has to get out because of years in service to rank. But i would hope he would get promoted with in the next 3-4 years because he has been E5 since 2009 

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