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Silverkitten (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

(Please understand this is just a joke)
Dear Yellowstone park rangers,
My family had a nice time at Yellowstone. However we have some issues we would like to address. First of all we saw NO yellow-stone in the park. It was not on the map and it was not listed on the sight seeing signs. Is it in a secret location that only people in "the know" can find it? My son thought he saw one but it was just an ordinary rock that a buffalo had peed on. That brings me to my next issue. The wild animals are such a nuisance and are not well behaved. They wander out in to the road and cause me to either run them over or slow down. Then when I tried to put my daughter on the back of a buffalo for a photo, he charged at me! How dare you have wild charging animals loose in the park. Also we had a bear that ate our cooler full of fish! What sort of a place are you running here? Next, could you please make AC, running water, and hot showers available to all the camp sights. This is 2013, who runs a camp sight with no AC, running water or hot showers? Oh and the bugs! You really need to spray for those pesky things. I was nearly eaten alive by all of them. I am sure you could use a big chemical truck with bug spray to drive around and spray all the park. Last of all, can you please do something about all that dirt. It just gets every where! It's really rather uncivilized.
A city family.

(On a side note, I did see a lady and her child about 5 feet from a nursing buffalo and her calf. She was trying to get her son in the picture as close to the buffalo as she could. I rolled down my window and told her to MOVE AWAY FROM THE WILD PROTECTIVE MOTHER! Honestly some people are not very smart.) 

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