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Odd Jobs

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DollLikeDeceptions --- 8 years ago -

I remember seeing on RYS a while back someone that did odd jobs. She would paint walls in your house, clean, laundry, shopping, other odds and ends?

The reason I'm asking is because I had the brilliant idea to order furniture for my kid's bedrooms. All 16 boxes showed up yesterday and were dropped on my front porch by the UPS guy!
I have 3 dressers, 3 night stands, 5 bookcase headboards, and 5 captains bed frames. I have arthritis in my hands and I am absolutely unable to get this stuff put together! UGH! It's so frustrating...anyways, if anyone knows the info for this person please let me know.


tmmundy2 --- 8 years ago -

Hey doll i dont know if u would be interested but i hired a boy named tyler to help do some odd jobs around our house. He is a really hard work, real quiet but we r going to use him again. 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 8 years ago -

what did he charge? 

tmmundy2 --- 8 years ago -

How ever u feel accordingly. I payed him a 100 but that is because it is outside work 

Brianna --- 8 years ago -

DLD....I do not know if your are in Picerne housing, but you get a free "honey do" hour or so where they will come in and do the "manly" things. I have a friend who they came in an built her crib, glider, changing table and dresser. You might want to try that, at least you will get some of it done. 

tmmundy2 --- 8 years ago -

Does everyone get that...i never heard of that before..all those times i threatened to get a replacement husband to mow the yard. I really could have....hmmm wo.der if they do foot massages...t scratches head and thinks awwww that would be a dream... 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 8 years ago -

AWESOME Brianna, thanks. I was skyping with my hubby last night and telling him how there was no physical way I could get this furniture put together because of my hands he goes, "oh...there is a power drill in the garage behind the tool box" He's so lucky I couldn't climb through that computer lol...took me 30 minutes to get the whole bed put together! 

Brianna --- 8 years ago - can also try your FRG and see if there are any willing to come help. I know some people in ours have helped spouses move and stuff like that. Just another idea. 

tmmundy2 --- 8 years ago -

DLD i dont know u, but i know how u feel and if u need any help i would be more than willing to come by and help ya... 

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