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Reality TV meets Army life

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MissThe80s --- 7 years ago -

Married to the Army: Alaska

Army wives in Alaska share their deployment experiences with camera crews to reveal a taste of military life for reality show viewers. 

Brianna --- 7 years ago -

It seems staged at times and it adds stereotypes to military wives. I do not feel that they picked 'average' wives, they picked a group of FRG leaders. 

notsue --- 7 years ago -

They picked a group of people who wanted to be on TV... People know if you get on a show that it'll open doors for you. Well... it can open doors for you. I would never do one of these "reality" shows, because they are all the same. Nobody wants you if you are normal and have no (tv worthy) drama or breakdowns in your life. 

tmmundy2 --- 7 years ago -

I dont think its real. If it were they would show those women wearing no makeup, hair pulled back, and the lovely dark circles under our eyes. Just saying... 

~*Kandice*~ --- 7 years ago -

I havent watched it but I'm sure its just going to feed into stereotypes and embarrass everybody. Its reality tv and the only real thing is they are really people haha. 

tmmundy2 --- 7 years ago -

I told my husband i am sorry but the only real thing about that show is some of the down right catiness it does portray.
The one thing that cracked me up was a majors wife was put in her place by another. And i did find it funny. For years i have told women, we can talk about anything as ling as you dont expect me to use or carry my husbands rank. And i ask the same from them. We are only wives not anything else. We are not special by no means nor do i put my husbands uniform on. 

Brianna --- 7 years ago -

These ladies all wear their husbands rank and they use it as a weapon and to define who they are. I feel not at all represented by them, they are all really young spouses, except for 2 of them, so they have no idea what the long haul is like.
It is on the OWN channel tonight if you are curious. 

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