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Has anyone gone to Black Friday Here in junction city??

who's talking here?

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ProudMedicsWifey --- 7 years ago -

I Have never been to any black friday sales here in Junction city.. I'm from Miami and black friday sales are horrible..and I was wondering if anyone could share ther experience here?? Thanks 

Hope (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

compared to other places JC is tame ..most hit manhattan or drive to salina or topeka for the mall or other stores not around here from what i have seen or heard what others do. 

LovinLife824 --- 7 years ago -

We went to Walmart in JC two years ago and I haven't gone Black Friday shopping since then. People are crazy! Lol. Once it hit time for the pallets to be cut open, people were jumping on top of them grabbing stuff and it was a mad house for quite a few minutes. I could of swore I was in a zoo. 

MissAttitude --- 7 years ago -

No matter where you go, it will be crazy. Black Friday brings out the greed and the worse in people. 

tmmundy2 --- 7 years ago -

A few years ago i went to walmart in harrison for a black friday shopping trip and two little old ladies were fighting over that makeup barbie head. One stole it out of the others cart. And,the fight was on. I was in shock, the words flying from their mouths even made me blush. But when one of them threatened to knock off the otgers hair piece i couldnt help but crack up laughing.
please remember i laugh at air. Anything makes me giggle so i wasnt laughing about fighting. Just i thought it was halarious,those old women pack a punch and give a whole new meaning to hair pulling. I am still chuckling. 

Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

It will be a mad house where ever you go. My sister goes every yr and their have been yrs people were selling their shopping carts to other shoppers because their were no more shopping carts. I have only ever been Black Friday shopping once that was 10 yrs ago not worth my time to go shopping in a mad house. Ill shop online on that day you can get good deals and a lot of the time free shopping. Your just wont get door busters like you would if you went to a store 

Hope (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Feedback I am getting is that since its so early and not oh 500am that it starts the lines and crowds are outrageous right now everywhere from JC to Manhattan so good luck you who are out braving the first black friday opening of sales 

Brianna --- 7 years ago -

I refuse to support any business that is trying to take the family out of Thanksgiving and open their doors today. Tomorrow is ok, but today is just a selfish way to try and meet their fiscal goals while depending on consumers who will do anything to save a buck because the economy is tight. 

notsue --- 7 years ago -

Its the familys choice to go out... people go out because they want to, not because someone is forcing them to. If people would get their heads out of their butts they'd realize the deals are not that super... not worth waiting in lines over for sure. I know personally I hated holidays because they were the ONLY days I'd have off... its hard to get anything done on a holiday so I was happy not everything is closed. 

~*Kandice*~ --- 7 years ago -

We went to Manhattan one year. I hate going to JC unless I have to and I swear that Walmart is always more crowded and less stocked than the one in Manhattan so I usually go there. I hate black friday though and will only go if there is something I have on my list that is way cheaper than normal. When we went though it was black get there at midnight type of deal...not 5pm like they are doing this time. 

tmmundy2 --- 7 years ago -

I actually found a few items for next to nothing. And if you found an add at fir cheaper. Walmart was doing price challenge. I actually spent about 600 this year and got about 1500 dollars worthe of items. And what i didnt get in store i got online and made a haul.
Today menards were still running their black friday deals and we were able to get everytging on our donation list for a quarter of what we would have spent.
I am not sure what cyber monday will have but hoping i can get find something special for a friend of mine who is having one heck of a hard time thru the holidays. 

Tee C --- 7 years ago -

We went to the WalMart here, and left quickly (lol). My niece loves to draw and they had these groovy art sets for 5 bucks, so that's all I wanted so I could mail it to her. Thank God. I got in, found what I wanted and made it to a nearly empty self-checkout. Took all of 7 minutes. But there were definitely some elbow-throwers and shovers in the crowd. I'm glad I was able to get in and out quickly. 

tmmundy2 --- 7 years ago -

Menards had I dont know if they still do. But anyways they had hat and glove sets for a dollar. And 12count glass sets for 5. Oh abd a wall hanging fire place for 79. 

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