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Black Friday Times

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Gemini09 --- 6 years ago -

I think it is ridiculous that each year it gets earlier and earlier!

Wam-Mart is starting at 8PM Thanksgiving Day! That is ridiculous to me! 

MissAttitude --- 6 years ago -

Wal mart isnt the only ones starting early, another one is too and i cant remember who it is. Kmart is opened on Thanksgiving and is starting sales at 6am 

Brianna --- 6 years ago -

Our economy is desperate! After all of the political ads in my mailbox I am getting a ton of holiday magazines, flyers, and coupons. It actually makes me want to shop less! Not too long ago, nothing retail was open on Thanksgiving except a grocery store. Now it is just another holiday for retail gains. 

Gemini09 --- 6 years ago -

I know what you mean Brianna! I was really irritated with the amount of paper wasted this election, because all those political ads in my mail box went straight to my trash can! 

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