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easy way to relieve some debt? :(

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UGrewInMyHeart --- 6 years ago -

Email for photos.
Alma is vaccinated, spayed, and available for the price of the vet bill. She is PET quality, and is pure bred, AKC registered. Her ears do not stand. She is 5months old, and in need of an experienced dog owner.


Brianna --- 6 years ago -

Funny they do not disclose the amount of the vet bill or the reason for a vet bill. 

Tee C --- 6 years ago -

It is kind of odd.

Everyone has a reason for getting rid of a pet; I wonder what theirs is. 

wifey9089 --- 6 years ago -

They probably just can't afford the vet bill. Sad, but it happens all the time. 

MangaIsLikeCrack --- 6 years ago -

What does pet quality mean? 

Mandi --- 6 years ago -

pet quality on an akc registered dog usually means they're not show quality dogs and they've been altered, ie. spayed or neutered. nothing wrong with them if you want a pet rather than a dog to possibly show or get titles on. 

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