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any experiences with delivery on post?

who's talking here?

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Alicia --- 9 years ago -

I am due sept 24th and for the first part of my pregnancy i saw dr williams. i had to reschedule an appt once and ever since then i have seen a different dr or midwife every time. how will i know what dr will deliver? Any good experiences? My first child was born at a birth center and it was wonderful. they helped us with our birth plan and stuck to it as much as possible. i am just wanting to know what to expect. new military wife so not sure how army hospitals work. any advice would be great. oh and i work 12 hour shifts in salina so what happens if i go into labor at work? Do i drive back toirwin or stay at salina? 

Are we done yet --- 9 years ago -

Depending on who is all call when you go into labor will depend on who delivers your child. Back home since its a small town the hospital suggests that you see every dr that way you get to know each dr so you are not going in and having some stragner deliver. You dont have to continue to see them all but they want you to see them all atleast once and then you can chose which one to continue to see. (which is about 8-10 drs.) I wish they did that here. Instead they stick you with 1 dr and then when you go into labor you could end up with a different one. As far as working in salina i know if i were to go into labor at work and i was 45 minutes away from the hospital im suppose to deliver at i'd probably go to the hospital at whatever town im in. Or atleast go in to make sure its safe to drive back before leaving. Meaning go check to see how far your dialated, if your waters broke or if you contarctions are close together What is tri care gonna do deny paying your bill becuase you delivered else where?? Dont think they can becuase if its an emergancy tri care has to pay for it no matter where you are at. 

Alicia --- 9 years ago -

I figured it would be whoever was on call. I was hoping military did it different. I just want a calm natural delivery. I really dont care who delivers just as long as they dont decide to do a csection just because they are ready to go home. I want my baby for the first few minutes after delivery and then they can take him for shots and weight. I have heard so many horror stories about irwin with few good ones in between. Not sure how i should feel about irwin 

Are we done yet --- 9 years ago -

I delivered my daughter back home becuase my husband was only national guard at the time of her birth. I was able to hold my child for the 1st few minutes before they went to clean her give her shots ect. Not here. They took my son went over bathed him gave him shots got him dressed and then gave him to me didnt take them long but in a way i kinda liked holding my child before they went and did all that. Now i dont know if they always do that back home or if it was becuase the dr almost dropped my child becuase she was so wet and slimmy. so he had to think fast becuase he kinda thew her on me as if she was slipping out of his hands. Only bad experiance i had at the hospital here with delivery was there were about 10 nurses just standing around in my room doing nothing and my IV was coming out. My husband keep telling them it was coming out and they woudlnt listen to him well guess what i got a bed full of COLD liquid. So becuase they didnt get what they needed to into me though the IV they ended up having to give me a shot in the leg. I never wanna see a needle that big again. Didnt hurt but that needle was HUGE. My friend on the other hand she had a bad experiace. Her daughter was born with jaundence(sp) it was bad and her daughter wouldnt latch on to eat. SHe asked the nurses for a bottle and becuase she was brest feeding and going to gontinue to brest feed they refused to give her a bottle. So she demanded that she release them from the hospital they had been there for their 2 days already. They told her no not till your child gets better. She goes fine you wont release me im walking out. They go well you can but your child has to stay she goes if i leave my child goes with me. They go well if you take your child then we have to call the mps and report you becuase you cant take your child before she is better. Finnally after she yelled and cussed them out they relased her on conditions that she brings her daughter back in 2 days to make sure she is doing better. So she said fine. She went home put some syrup on her nipple babby latched on in a couple of days she was looking better. she took her back and she goes my baby is fine thanks for alomost killing my child. But not everyone has bad experiances just depends on the staff during your delivery and stay in the hospital. 

notsue --- 9 years ago -

Create a birthing plan and take it into the hospital and see how against the things you listed they are. The nurses in L&D should give you an idea if what you ask for is something that happens sometimes or never there. Thats how picked out my last two hospitals. 

CraftyMama --- 9 years ago -

for the birth plan ou need to have one created and take it into them and tell them you would like it follows unless theres an emergancy, most of the doctors/midwives will work with you on it and try and some you have to tell them no or w/e that you want your birthplan (nt may thankfully) I had my first son here in 06 and my 2nd son (3rd child) here this past december and in 06 i had NO problems at all they were all great this time the only problem i had was i warned the resident that once i hit 5cm and im in active labor i go fast and i dont push long at all. my husband was deployed so thankfully i had 2 great friends up there with me and i was 7 cm and i was getting al LOT of pressure to push so we told the resident and she said she still has 3cm to go we want her to get more pressure so as shes walking back in to tell me i said i have to PUSH so she turned back around went out adn told the resident she needed to get in there now or she would drag her she came checked me said i was still 7 and i told her that i dont have long so she said she would check me after the next contraction...well she checked me DURING the contraction by the time it was done she was " um oh wow ok yea your complete and ready to push" got the ob and they came in she was getting her gloves on telling me not to push ( i snapped at her that i wasnt and to quit saying that) well she had her gloves about 3/4 the way on looked over said oh crap spun around to me and caught my sons head. 2 pushes and he was out....needless to say now i think they will believe people when they say they go fast... i was in there for 4hours was is and only about 2-3 was real active labor!

about who will deliver.. if its during the week and the day shift you will get a midwife most likely. on the weekends and night shifts are when the ob's deliver!


armywife523 --- 9 years ago -

I have had both our sons there, oldest is 18months and youngest just about 2months old.

The only neg stuff i can think of right now is they had to do my epidural twice with my second. The second time they put it in it didnt work very long so they gave me a booster and it dropped my blood pressure a bunch(but it worked great with my oldest). And the midwife(cant remember her name) that delivered my second was bad about just trying to doing unnecessary things with out talking to me first and then would give me dirty looks when i would refuse. Thankfully the resident that worked with her was alot more understanding.

The good. Most of the nurses i had were great. Very helpful and listened. We chose not to circumcise our youngest and one nurse actually sat down and talked to us about it because she had never had any one that chose not to. She wasnt pushing to do it or any thing, she just wanted to know why and more info on the topic since she didnt know much about it. Also even though i was induced i was able to get up and walk around as much as i wanted. They even offered a birthing ball to sit/bounce on if i wanted. And i was able to hold my youngest right after he was born, b4 being cleaned or anything. They even stopped for a sec right when he came out so my husband could take a pic right at the moment he was born. lol. I wasnt able to hold our oldest right away but only because he was born with the cord around his neck.

I would deliver there again if have to and if we are even still stationed here. But hoping to finally be able to try for a home birth with our next child. 

Are we done yet --- 9 years ago -

lol crafty mama. My friend did that too. She told the nurse they needed to get the dr in there becuase she had to push and they wouldnt listen. So the nurse ended up delivring the baby becuase the dr wasnt in there. The dr comes in and wasnt looking and says are you ready to do this the nurse turns around and goes um its done. 

Amber --- 9 years ago -

you guys are kinda making me nervous about having a baby on post. this is my fourth but first on post...I had the other three in the same hospital in Omaha, ne! I seriously miss my midwives, I wish that I could afford to drive back up there and dr/deliver! 

nurse08 --- 9 years ago -

I had my baby at Geary Community Hospital in Junction City with Dr. Khoury, he was great! They have a midwife as well as another doctor, so I'm guessing with fewer providers there is more of a chance that you would have your provider deliver you... They are wonderful about trying to stick to birthplans as well! 

notsue --- 9 years ago -

I've had three kids in three different hospitals and two states, its not really a big deal. We only spend how much time in the hospital before we go home and raise our kids for the next 18 years... 

~*Kandice*~ --- 9 years ago -

I had one of my children on post(at Ft. Stewart) It was an absolute wasnt about me and the baby it was about them and who could get the baby out the fastest and they made it like a contest. My son was born and he was purple...I mean so dark purple that he pooped and you couldnt tell the difference in the poop and his skin because he was so dark. He almost died because they were Jackholes and didnt care about the health of my child. Others have had good experiences with them though so I think I just got a crappy doc and nurses.

I like my doctor I have here and have seen a few others and would be happy to deliver with them. I had never met the doctor I had at Ft. Stewart and he was a complete twit. 

Shaina --- 9 years ago -

I had my daughter on post April 2009. The only bad experience I had was one nurse that was rude. My midwife wasn't on call so I saw Dr.Charles. She PCS'ed a few months ago. They did everything they could to stay with my birth plan. The nurse that was assigned to my room when I 'checked in' stayed until we were comfortable with our daughter after she was delivered. That meant that she stayed with us an extra 2 hours after her shift was supposed to end. I got to hold my daughter right away and she never left the room except once and that was in the middle of the night to have blood drawn. All the nurses and doctors were great with us and our daughter. One of the nurses even offered to watch our daughter at the nurses station if we wanted to go down to the cafeteria to eat or if I just wanted to walk around. I told my husband that I want to have our next one before here before we PCS because I had a great experience. 

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