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I joined this crazy place on 2009-10-02, 9 years ago.

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Really strange question - 8 years ago

You know Torri, I was thinking that maybe what you are feeling is really mourning for her. Its obvious from all you wrote that you cared for her That feeling of "suspicion" about him may be because ...

Really strange question - 8 years ago

Torri. Negligence would apply ifc she was a minor or medically/mentally incapacitated (legally declared so) and he was considered to have some legal responsibility for her health and well being. The ...

Reselling rant - 8 years ago

I understand giving something away and seeing it resold or being "conned" out of something w/ a sob story. I'm talking about posts like this [url=

Reselling rant - 8 years ago

Umm, so ok. Someone pleeeeeeease explain this to me. Y oh Y do people get upset when items they've SOLD to someone are being resold? It's a free market economy. If you can buy something for $1...

Eye drs in Junctin city - 8 years ago is giving away free glasses on March 2 for KS residents. Go to their Facebook page, like them, and then to the Free Glasses tab to get the discount code. This is a legit offer I...

WOW! Did any of you hear about this? - 8 years ago

Wow..I didn't know high doses of steroidal medicine can cause a psychotic break??? I learn something new every day. Have any of you ever heard that before?

It really bothers me!!!! - 8 years ago

Because I'm not military and I ALWAYS get lost on Post I'll sometimes ask the seller if they're planning on going to JC or Manhattan anytime soon and can we meet there. Or if we can meet at the new o...

Kids are Kids not Adults! - 8 years ago

Agreed! It's like an epidemic..I see it everywhere. Lately I've seen so many little kids doing whatever they feel like, behaving inappropriately in public while the parents stand by and do and say ...

What do I do!!!!! - 8 years ago

What do you mean he's stalking you? ???? If he's getting information about you from a public forum where you chose to post information about yourself, the courts won't consider that stalking.

Dollar General Batteries - 8 years ago

YOu can buy a 20 pack of Duracell AA or AAA batteries and get another free at Hyvee on Tuesdays only. (I think until the end of the month.) 20 packs are 9.99 I stocked up.

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