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PCS Questions - 7 years ago This will help explain the command sponsorship issue and you will also need to schedule a EFMP screening too.

PCS Questions - 7 years ago

Even if he gets his orders, make sure you (and your children if you have them) are on the orders. As Hawaii is an overseas tour, you will need your name on the orders as well. Housing there will not p...

Multiple Families in one apartment on Post - 7 years ago

[i]yup seen it many times but picerne doesnt care, they never follow any of the regulations that are in their lease. picerne sucks and is the worse housing company ever [/i] So true. Seen it, li...

Banners! - 7 years ago

[i]so they are totally free?? theres not cost at all??? [/i] You have to pay for shipping.

vFRG??? - 7 years ago

I was on the actual unit's page. Mine always takes me right to the unit's page without an issue. So I wonder why they haven't updated info on there.

vFRG??? - 7 years ago

Also here is their FB page if that helps?

vFRG??? - 7 years ago

Gabes Mommy, yeah I'm part of the iron rangers too and can't find what you are asking for either. Do you have your FRG leader's email addy or phone #? Maybe give her a call and ask where to find it vi...

costumes please next year cover up - 7 years ago

[i]I dont know about others but my 13 yr old is taller then me and trying to find age appropriate premade costume to fit her is crazy, we had to look in the adult costume section for ideas. [/i] ...

Ghost tours on post - 7 years ago

I went, and it wasn't took longer than I thought it would be (and rumored to be), so my kids were ready to go an hour into it. It didn't scare me, but I don't get scared easily. They did have...

nasty soldiers and cheating spouses - 7 years ago

[i]AND there are a few hard core church goers that are always trying to recruit members to their church but then once the sun goes down their morals go out the window.[/i] lol I only laughed at t...

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