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Finally Friday!!!!!

who's talking here?

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cocowgirl777 --- 6 years ago -

I am going out tonight around 815 ish. Does anyone have any suggestions about the nightlife around JC? I definately wanna hit up coyotes cuz its a country place. But im open to suggestions about other places I should try. Also anyone wanna come out and join me? I will be the blonde at the bar or on the edge of the dance floor looking lost and alone lol. 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

I havent been out since in Kansas, and I dont have high hopes for anywhere in JC. I will say tho that I have heard stories about my 1SG and supply NCO at bars together and it sounds like something I'd love to witness. They are both a blast sober, so I can only imagine what they'd be like together in a bar. I'm more of a people watcher and usually only go to bars if they play live music. 

cocowgirl777 --- 6 years ago -

so i checked out coyotes...slow as hell till like 1030ish maybe a bit later. started picking up after that tho. biggest issue i have is im a professional dancer and noooooo one can dance as well as im used to. im thinking im gonna have to look into the bars in manhattan and if that doesnt work start moving outward and canvas every bar in the state if i have to lol. dancing is my stress relief and if i cant destress properly i have the feeling i will end up being the worst serial killer ever lol. just go off and never stop lol. 

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