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Bueler....Bueler....anyone? Bueler......

who's talking here?

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cocowgirl777 --- 6 years ago -

Seriously ppl why is this place open if no one is ever on or uses it. Get on get active and spread the word to others. The ft lewis page is always hopping. By now I would have had 2 pages of comments and countless views there...we could be just like that but y'all have to be active... 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

This place died a while ago. Never was super crazy, but was something you could be regular on. Fast forward some years and now its a ghost town. 

cocowgirl777 --- 6 years ago -

Apparently. Makes me miss lewis. It was easy to meet ppl get advice and chat on any site its like no one is around or if they are they are hiding somewhere lol. 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

I have no idea where everyone went, but I do miss conversation. I'm on FB, but I dont want to friend every stranger just for that random chat. I'm a group chat type person, not one on one. 

cocowgirl777 --- 6 years ago -

Yeah me too that's what these things are good for is group discussions...tho at the moment...gasp...were chatting 1 on 1 lol tho there appear to be some peeping toms.

Hello you pervy people out there...all y'all voyers can join in...I promise I don't bite...OK that's a lie but were online so ur safe... 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

The peepers are a good sign. 

cocowgirl777 --- 6 years ago -

yes they are at least people are checking if only we could get them to talk..... 

Tee C --- 6 years ago -

It has been a long time since I left Riley, but I still stick my head in from time-to-time. The 'regulars' know we're no longer stationed at Riley, but they're still very welcoming :).

Honestly? From what I can discern, I think a lot of folks just moved away. I remember a lot of familiar folks but noticed that only a few of them still come by (Hi, notsue).

I will say this, though: The Fort Riley Bookoo sales page is a BAJILLION times better than the Fort Carson page. The prices and variety was waaaay better; folks up here seem to think they have gold to sell and think a 7 year old piece is still worth full price :-/.

I find myself doing searches on some of the old 'hot' topics, lol. They were doozies! 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

Hi! I think people are enjoying those FB groups instead of this forum. I'm not associated with any of the local groups and havent been for some time because they are full of crazies and run by crazies. Be it a selling page, sitting page, venting page... crazies. 

cocowgirl777 --- 6 years ago -

are you at carson now TeeC? i just came from there. well not carson exactly but the area i have a ton of friends there. im hoping that since a bunch of guys are coming home in the next few mos ish that some people will move back. ive tried the neighbor aproach.....but good god the people who live around me just wow lol. one set make honey boo boos mom look classy one makes the ppl who wear tinfoil hats look non paranoid ive tried to make contact with others when i see em out but i get the quick glance turn away run in your house maneuver lol.

and sue the fb groups are a bust too. the sales ones are banging but you cant be like for the love of god be my friend and chat with me on there lol. you are right tho tee...the sales places at carson suck. lewis had great ones and here is pretty good...there is aweful. 

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