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Chapman Busing in Spring Valley

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Rich and Mia --- 7 years ago -

Can someone please breakdown the Chapman busing situation over in Spring Valley?

Is that pile of landfill on 18 where the bus picks up students wanting to ride to Chapman schools?

I was under the impression that students could actually walk to the mixing strip (i.e., a sidewalk was involved) and that it was over by Quinton Point Apts/Spring Valley Middle School. 

Hope (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

That is my understanding of where the bus stop is and there are no sidewalks on 18 or further down spring valley for those walking, they walk in yards or the road. 

Rich and Mia --- 7 years ago -

Is it just me, or is that bananas?

Will I let my kids walk via sidewalk to the middle school? Yes. Will I let them walk a mile up a main road with no path? Hell no. Grrr. So, working parents have to make inconvenient and not so fiesable arrangements to drive their students to and from the landfill stop. Wunderbar. o_0 

janiedoer --- 7 years ago -

Chapman schools are worth it in my opinion! 

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