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BEWARE of Dish Network

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a4549082uu --- 5 years ago -

Long story short, we got Dish Network while living off post waiting for on post housing. Finally in January our house became available . On 1/13/14 Dish came out to install our dish... They charged me a $100 fee for moving. Fast forward to today. Turns out they set up the dish incorrectly and the new tech that came out told me in the first 10 minutes he should have never set it up, there was absolutely no signal anywhere. The tech then proceeded to call and cancel our services for inability to render services.. Dish notified the tech they would still continue to charge us a $600 early termination fee. The tech then called the Nashville district manager and he even called and told the, to let me out of my contract and they still refused. The short version 2 of their " office of the presidents" agents hung up on a conference call between myself and the district manager, those two also refused to transfer us to supervisors. The last agent we spoke to was rude and condescending. I have never been treated with such disrespect by a service provider in my life. I've already contact the BBB about the situation and will continue to spread the word. Do your research and read the reviews.. 

Tee C --- 5 years ago -

Dish Network tried to rip me off when we were stationed in Texas. When you move or sell your home, you have to remove the receiver from the dish and mail it back to get credit for it; if you don't, they charge you about $400. So I climbed up on the roof, unhooked it, removed it, and mailed it back via UPS. 3 months later I got a bill for the receiver and 'late fees' for over $500. I hit the roof.

I'd kept my UPS receipt and I contacted them. They mailed me verification that someone at Dish Network had signed for equipment. So corporate called to apologize and said that I could have 6 months of free service. NO, THANK YOU.

I would contact corporate by phone and in writing. Make sure that you put in the names of everyone you spoke to previously and include dates. Be firm, but don't be rude; you don't want to give them any fuel to use against you later. If that doesn't work you will have to be prepared to decide if you're going to fight it in court.

As far as the BBB--I wouldn't waste my time. The BBB is a paid service; they are notorious for giving good reviews to crappy companies since they're basically for sale. They will not be of much help.

Hope things work out! 

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