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Most Awkward Situation

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toriT --- 5 years ago -

I had my two children at the JC hospital today for my son's appointment. Walking through the lobby I offered a reward at the vending machine. My son's shoe fell off while walking up to the machine so I sat both children on a bench to put it back on. I had noticed a man at the ATM next to the vending machine and decided to wait until he walked away to get up and buy the snack, but instead he approached me. He was elderly and English was not his first language. He pulled out a wallet size picture of Jesus and asked if I knew who it was. I said yes and he started praying for me - I tried to respect his culture by saying thank you but was incredibly uncomfortable with the situation. He then grabbed me by the face and kissed me right on the mouth. I was taken aback, immediately picked up my youngest and grabbed my oldest. He kept talking about being my brother in Christ and tried to kiss me again, but this time I wasn't caught off guard and we ran to the car.
I understand his culture is different from my own, there was a good 60 year age gap, and a language barrier, but this is really unsettling to me. My husband assumes the man probably wasn't completely mentally stable but probably not meaning harm. My family said to call the police and try to find the MAN no press charges, but that sounds like an overreaction to me.
How would you handle the situation? 

Iceman --- 5 years ago -

Sent you a private message. 

notsue --- 5 years ago -

Its tough... its my nature to flee and try to forget it happened, the issue with that is tho that he'll do it again to someone else. The problem with him doing it again is that the next person might not be so kind... he could get beat up or worse because everyone responds to crap differently. I think finding someone in the hospital who knows who the man is would be the best bet, because they might have an understanding of his issues and may be able to help him. 

TheMom --- 5 years ago -

I love Jesus a whole bunch... I mean like a TON... I'm not gonna sexually assault you over it.
I definitely think you should call some authority. At least the hospital security.
That's the craziest story I've ever heard but I got there all the time and I thank you for letting us know what happened! 

toriT --- 5 years ago -

Hospital security knows and caught it on tape.
We're there at least once a month so I'm pretty comfortable with the place and have no worries about having to go back, but I'll definitely be on guard more. 

Tee C --- 5 years ago -

First, let me say that I am so, so sorry that happened to you. That is a tough situation to be in.

As far as how I would have handled it: I am very, very adamant about respecting my personal space, so I honestly may have throatchopped him, even if it was only out of reflex. I would probably have thrown some punches as well. Old or young, that sort of behavior isn't okay.

He should not be allowed back in the hospital unless it's an emergency life-or-death situation. If the hospital knows, they need to take care of him. If he does it to someone else they can actually be sued.

I love Jesus, too--but what he did was NOT of God. That was lust and maybe even a bit of a demonic presence. Once again, I'm so sorry **hugs for you** 

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