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Annoying bookoo ads

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a3764574uu --- 5 years ago -

Maybe it is just me, but I do not feel Bookoo should be the main way you advertise for business and repeatedly post the same items from your thrift shop every day and flood Bookoo with your second hand merchandise. I just recently spotted my neighbors desk that was at the curb last week for sale from this business. I have since enlightened my neighbor and she was appalled and hoping the desk would have gone to another needy military family as it was in get shape. I do sell the occasional item on bookoo, but nothing is more annoying than my item disappearing after I post it in a wave of 100 ads reposted again from this business. I am all for trying to make an extra buck, but it should be done fairly and you shouldn't take from others and over post or rely on a site solely for your business. Also, this store posts a ridiculous amount of ads on Craigslist. It must not be such a busy business if they have all of this time to post and repost. Fewer and fewer people are posting on Bookoo now and I can't help but wonder if it is because people get fed up with these types of businesses that are obnoxious and they go elsewhere to the Facebook page. 

Tee C --- 5 years ago -

You make a good point. I find them annoying, too. Between the businesses who post every little individual hair bow or bid (instead of doing it in one, big lot) and the non-business ads where they overpost, it does make you not want to come back.

In my humble opinion, there should be a limit on how many times you can post an item within a certain period of time. I've sold lots of items successfully on both BooKoo and Craigslist and I can tell you--after a certain period of time, it's either going to sell or it won't. No amount of posting it is going to change that.

As a matter of fact, overposted items rarely sell. For one, people are afraid to buy an item from someone so eager to sell it. They wonder what's wrong with it and why they're so excited to unload it. Also, people deliberately ignore sellers who overpost; it's a way to punish them for being annoying. 

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