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Driver's Ed

who's talking here?

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MissThe80s 1

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MissThe80s --- 5 years ago -

Does anyone know if JCHS offers driver's education at the main campus during the school year? I was certain I'd found something on the topic earlier this year, but I've lost it somehow.

What have your exoerience(s) been like teaching your teen(s) how to drive?

Thanks! :o) 

Ruth --- 5 years ago -

It's offered through Greenbush learning center on Sixth St. If you go through the school, it's $75 and the school picks up the rest of the amount. You could contact JCHS office to see when the next session starts. My daughter is currently enrolled in the 1st summer session. My son did the spring session last year. I highly recommend it. If you want you can email me at 

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