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Moving to Germany

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a4202797uu --- 5 years ago -

We are pcs'in to kaiserslauton, Germany in July. I have heard wonderful things about Germany but would love some moving advice. Anything would be
Great but I'm wondering how much time advance do the movers come and are we provided a place to stay since they take everything? How much luggage
am I allowed to take with? Can I pack anything my self, what should I not take with me? We also have a
6 pound dog is there any out of pocket expenses.

Thanks for any information :) 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -

We came to germany last July ( Katterbach) we had our stuff packed in June 19-22 we arrived in germany July 11th we got our house hold goods after the 20th of August but before the 27th because we had it before kids started school. You can actually do 2 Seperate shipments. An unaccompanied baggage is a shipment that will get here faster but your only allowed so much weight for unaccompanied. They do give you loaner furniture and loaner dishes to use while waiting for your things to arrive. The loaner furniture you will have to provide bedding rather it be mailing a box to your sponsor a head of time or buying some at the px. You will be provided housing here at Katterbach normally e6 and below live on post e7 and up off post.

If you are pcsing this July you better get house hold goods scheduled this week!! And get in ASAP to get the no fee passports, yes you need no fee passport. That allows you to live in country for more than 90 days. No fee you don't have to pay for. There is a passport office on post at ft riley to do it. that is also important to get done asap as It takes 6-8 weeks. you will need to provide passport photos for them which you can do at walmart walgreens and some other Places we did ours at walgreens in manhattan 10 dollars for 2 photos. Travelers passport you do have to pay for which you will also need if you are traveling outside of germany. But you can get that done here in germany if you are pressed for time. The boarders if they check your passport you are suppose to have a travelers one not a no fee one. But you are suppose to carry both incase they ask you for your no fee.

Pets you need to let them know you will be brining a pet so they can reserve you a pet slot. yes you will have to pay for out of pocket expense a 6lb it won't to bad. It is based off weight. We paid 400 just to get out do from Kansas City to Baltimore and then another 220 from Baltimore to germany on our patriot express flight. They have to have a kennal which is tall enough that they have a 2 inch clearence from the top of their head to the toP of the cage be able to turn around in cage and have a food and water bowl that can attatch to the door so attendance can water them. our dog was at was 92 lb with kennel weight. Things dog needs up to date shot, most importantly rabies shot, ( our rabies shot had to be on its own piece of paper not On same one as rest of shot.) And one last thing the dog needs a health certificate from not to exceed 10 days from fly date so the closer to your fly date the better because if you miss your flight like we did it allows you a few extra days on the health certificate.

baggage we were allowed 2 luggage bags plus carry on per person. i dont suggest that especially if you have have kids. we did 5 bags with 4 of us had an xl dog kennal and that was hassel enough getting through airports.

You can shipna car 1 car at the armys expence. we chose not to because my husband wanted to leave it open to ship one back and he has found themcar here he was looking for. Any other questions just ask and ill try to answer then 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -

Oh another thing idk what the base is like you are going to but katterbach. Mostly stairwell housing. There are no blinds in the apartments we had to go out and buy curtains right away. Washer and dryer are provided here on katterbach I'm sure it's the same for other posts because of the 220 voltage power. Here in katterbach there are 220v outfits but we also have 110 outfits too. Katterbach has plenty of FB pages such katterbach families and wives. Maybe look on FB if you have one and see if you can find a group to ask questions more specifically about the base you are going to. 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -

220 volt and 110 outlits* not out fits lol it was early when I typed this and got to love auto correct. 

janiedoer --- 5 years ago -

Check your husbands orders, I know a lot of people who had deferred travel for dependents. We were one of them! It all has to do with command sponsorship and housing.

We loved Germany! 

Anna --- 5 years ago -

When we were there Kaiserslautern (Ktown) was combined with the Air Force, they had one of the best housing I have ever seen in Germany, very large PX or shopping complex, lots to do and offer, west side of Germany close to the border of France, Boss offers bus trips for families and they are not that expensive (we went to Paris and Euro Disney, Amsterdam, Rothenburg, too many to list. Very close to Europapark (one of the best amusement parks we have ever been - huge) and Sinsheim (air plain museum - awesome). The main army hospital is located there as well.
And as are we done yet already said housing has 220v and 110v outfits, washer and dryer mostly in basement. 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -

Of course every base is different but here in katterbach we don't have a community laundry room in our buildings in the basement. We actually have washer and dryers in the apartment. But they were already here when we got here because the washer dryer hook ups are 220 volt plugs 

a4202797uu --- 5 years ago -

Thank You for all the help. We do not have kids yet just a dog. I just wanted to make sure I can bring enough clothes that will last me until our stuff arrives. Two Big suit cases should be enough for me. I'm so excited to travel Europe, Paris has always been a dream of mine, lol. How much have you ladies paid for a fight ticket back to the United States? I want to go see my family in Washington state at least once a year?

@Anna, Do you know if E5 can live off post in Kaiserslautern? Would we get a choice of where we can live? My husband wants to live off post I would not mind living on post but we are planing to have kids soon, and I just want there to be enough space. 

a4202797uu --- 5 years ago -

Oh I am dropping of my passport application today so hopefully it gets here in time. I already have a regular passport that I got a few months ago, thank goodness.

This may be a stupid question but will things like my flat iron, cell phone charger, laptop chargers work? I don't want to have to buy a bunch of extra stuff to make them work if I should just start selling them now if that makes sense. 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -

If your in housing on post it will work as they have some 110 volts ( which is American plug) 

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