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Selling Things on RYS, etc? Resale?

who's talking here?

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a3497158uu --- 5 years ago -

Hello everyone. Okay as far as selling things on rys do you have to get a tax id or some sort of license? Also say I want to make jewelry and sell it do i need to get a tax id or does it depend on how much I make? Do i need a wholesale license? And is it legal if you buy something from a yard sale cheap and resale it for a profit? If so do you need a tax id for that? Sorry for all the questions someone please help 

Hope (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

You do not need a tax id to sell on RYS, if you are just selling your crafts and are not a business you can still sell on RYS. Once you buy something it is yours to do with as you choose, if you can resell for a profit then go for it. Good luck. Just make it clear your price, pick up/delivery and descriptions but sometimes you still get asked about things you wrote down just part of online sales. 

Iceman --- 5 years ago -

If you are making things and selling them your income is be taxed, regardless of if it is crafts or houses. However, for many small businesspersons their ssn would be their tax id no. 

Iceman --- 5 years ago -

With my writing and bad editing the last post looks a bit off, but the meaning is there. Sorry if the writing throws you off. 

Garbage Vulture --- 5 years ago -

You DO NOT need a tax ID for selling crafts untill you meet a certain threshhold. If you are making $5,000 selling crafts then you need a business lisence and tax id etc. It is best to consult with a an accountant on this and not a forum, but The State of kansas does not require a Business License for online sales. 

a3497158uu --- 5 years ago -

thanks so much for everyone's response and @Garbage Vulture I sent you a message :) 

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