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What the...???

who's talking here?

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The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

Is that thunder or are they blowing something up?? It shakes the ground and is waking my daughter up. Probably thunder or whatever but it just seems too constant over the last few days for it to be. 

Garbage Vulture --- 7 years ago -

It Artillery training 

Stitches!! --- 7 years ago -

Get used to it. 

The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

Ahhhh that makes sense. Idk why I didnt think about that. 

jlstough --- 7 years ago -

Its 15FA in the field. Today was the last day though. Thank god lol 

InTheSun --- 7 years ago -

Still more units in the field--I think they will be moving from artillery to tanks--depending on which way the wind is blowing, it will shake your walls MORE! The sounds of freedom! Woooohooo! 

flgirl --- 7 years ago -

This is NOTHING compared to fort sill, it booms 24/7 and is 100 times louder. They shatter house windows and can make walls come apart. They are so loud, they actually have a program where if your house / car is damaged from the booms they will pay to have it fixed or replaced. We lived 8 miles from post in an all brick home on a cement foundation and our house would still shake from the booms. In fact the booms are so loud there they have been known to register on the seismograph machine that monitors earthquakes in Meers. Not to mention sometimes they miss and burn homes and buildings up. 

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