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TDY/ Govt Travel Card?

who's talking here?

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Gemini09 --- 7 years ago -

They told my husband that they would be depositing money into our account so we could pay his Gov't travel card payments. It is due the 1st of March and we haven't received money for a payment yet. We have the money in our savings, but I hate pulling it out. I know that they mess up TDY stuff all the time, so I am just wondering.

Is that really how it works? 

Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

Every time my husband has ever gone tdy after the paperwork was filled out, submitted and processed it would get deposited. But there sometimes is that random time that they will add it in with his regular pay on LES. they dont normally do that and not suppose to, but have you checked his LES for the End if month? They are up. 

Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

Also usually before its deposited he will get an email in his AKO. We usually have gotten emails right before deposit 

a2798986uu --- 7 years ago -

When he fills out his paperwork and submits his receipts there is a place on there where he can check to have the card paid automatically and the rest if there is any come to you. But he should get an e mail saying how much went to the card and how much to you. It should never be part of your LES. However if for some reason you dont get payment before it is due then it is up to you to make sure the card is paid on time and then get the money back from DTS. 

Gemini09 --- 7 years ago -

The people who did all his DTS paperwork with him suck. They explained it completely different. They told him he would get random deposits to pay the card and it was linked to his Mypay. There is nothing showing on his LES.

He is gone for almost 2 months and he won't be back until the end of March, and won't be able to submit any paperwork until April. His next payment is due April 1 after this and it will be high considering they make you pay off the balance every time. He was told he could use his card for all his travel expenses and everything. If we had known that we would end of paying out of pocket we would of used our own credit cards.

We, luckily, have the money, but we were saving it for our PCS the end of April. I hope they can pay us back by then, but I have heard that reimbursement for TDY expenses is a pain in the butt here. 

Gemini09 --- 7 years ago -

By the way, he has to submit his paperwork 4 times before he left before they would even approve it because the idiot who was supposed to be doing it all for him obviously has no clue. 

Are we done yet --- 7 years ago -

Sounds like whoever he was dealing with is clueless. We have never had a problem submitting and getting our TDY money back when we were at riley. WE would normally have it back in about 4 weeks.Hopefully when he gets back he gets someone different that knows what they are doing!

We are not at riley but my husband is currently TDY from the place that we are at right now I really hope we dont run into issues getting our money. We dont have a govenment card to pay off so its not that big of a deal. well kinda because he used our claim money that we got from moving we need that back so we can fix or replace what they damaged. 

militarybrat --- 7 years ago -

Gemini09- I just wanted to tell you how the TDY works since I have been doing DTS for 4 years now. When a soldier goes TDy for more than a month, in your hubby's case I assume, they do a split payment. what that means is after a month they pay X amount to the GOVCC (government credit card) and then a portion to your bank acount. that portion to your account is his perdiem. then when he gets back and settles his TDY they will pay the rest of the GOVCC off and pay the remaining balance of his perdiem to you. now if he goes over his perdiem a day he will have a balance on his card that he will have to pay out of pocket. but as long as he is TDY you do not have to pay that bill unless you want to because Citi bank knows that when he files his voucher they will get paid or for long TDY's they still get paid. They have to send a bill each month. but I will not worry about it at all. now when he returns, he can see how much is left on his card and if the amount does not cover it, then there is an option in DTS that he can change the amount what gets paid to his card if its less or more. That is an option. I hope this has helped and let me know if you need anything else 

Gemini09 --- 7 years ago -

Thanks Militarybrat.
We keep getting told different things, but your post seems to make sense. I finally heard about the over 30 days thing from my Dad. My husband is afraid not to pay the current bill because he was told it will be reported to his command, and I guess he used to get letters from Gen. MacWillie about people not paying their bills when he was in the training room. My Dad told us not to worry about it either, but my husband is being stubborn. 

militarybrat --- 7 years ago -

You are welcome and he will only get letters once he is back from TDY and he does not pay the card off after 90 days of returning. but as long as you are gone they can't put it to collection because you are offically using your card and have no way of paying it. 

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