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Dish vs Cox cable

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cindyln --- 8 years ago -

I really need to downsize expenses. I presently have Cox for cable and internet. I am looking a package for Dish. I would appreciate any feedback on them. If you have Dish who do you get your internet thru? Thanks! 

DD2008 --- 8 years ago -

We have dish and use cox for internet. 

Sharileigh --- 8 years ago -

We have and love Dish, and our internet is through century link. 

cindyln --- 8 years ago -

We have and love Dish, and our internet is through century link.

Are you happy with century link for internet? Do you have any trouble with more than one computer in use at the same time? 

DD2008 --- 8 years ago -

We had century link for awhile when we lived on post. It sucked. We were paying almost $50(with mil discount) a month for 10mbps but rarely saw it faster than 3. They took 2 weeks to get our net on when first got it. I will never use them again, cox is cheaper and faster. We pay $35 for 18mbps with cox. Was so happy to switch back to them. 

The Hansen Show --- 8 years ago -

I just moved on post but I was wondering if Cox offers internet on post? 

Stitches!! --- 8 years ago -

Cox does not. but there is also allegiance. 

Gemini09 --- 8 years ago -

I wish Cox did, but Allegiance has a contract with post. It should be us in a couple of years or maybe less. I know post command is going to look into other options because Allegiance seems to take advantage of the soldiers in the barracks. 

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