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tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

For years I have kept extra insurance thru USAA...Renters insurance no matter what the military or housing has offered we have also kept our own.
I have only had to use our insurance once and that was in ft. Knox when a tornadoe came thru our back yard and blew up our shed.
Then we also had to use housing insurance twice actually.Once at Irwin when my upstairs flooded my down stairs and then when we moved from knox to here. The squirl trap in their air thing blew up and destroyed my furniture. It looked like black suit went every where...Anyways now on to my question....
When we moved into this house housing said it was new carpet..But they had shampooed it before we moved in and it smelt funny. Then all these weird spots show up..I know there is no way it had to be new. I never vaccumed up any carpet fibers. And it has always carried a funk smell. But, if they charge me for my carpets, can I claim this against my USAA insurance and cover myself?
I am just really curious because I am worried they charged my neighbor 5000.00 to move out and it was for carpets. I know they had new carpet in their house because I watched them put it in and bugged the man doing it...
But, I honestly do not believe that they were new in my house as housing had stated...
Does anyone know if you can claim damages for wear and tear or housing cost against your renters insurance???? 

AmandaJB --- 6 years ago -

Not sure, but funny story about the carpets. I had a friend move out of housing, to a house off post they were buying, and the only problem with their carpets was a stain in the living room. Well, Picerne proceeded to charge them for an entire house of carpet. So my friend went in and took up the entire house's worth of carpet. Picerne asked why she did that, and she told them you charged me for an entire house worth's of carpet correct? Well, yes. Then I paid for the carpet that was in my quarters correct? Again yes. So it stands to reason that if I paid for it then it belongs to me, so I am taking my carpet with me. She said the look on the guys face was priceless, because he had no argument for her, and they were now forced to use the money they charged her for the carpet to re-carpet the quarters. 

tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

oh what a awsome story. She did the right thing...Good for her. I would have loved to have been a fly on a wall that day.... 

AmandaJB --- 6 years ago -

Oh I laugh and think way to stick it to them every time. 

tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

I just told my husband that if we get charged I am gonna rip it out and take it with us to..He just gave me a funny look like seriously MORE WORK....hahaha I wonder how many other people have done that. Or done something to make sure that they carpets they were charged for were replaced. Like toss paint on them or put red dye...Just so they couldn't get away with BSing people.
I am telling ya I know new carpet and there is no way in heck these were new when we moved in.
We actually watched a coyote hike a leg on a roll of carpet before they installed it in a house. I snapped a photo of it. And took it to the housing people to let them know. Ya know they took my photo but never replaced the carpet...What they didn't know was I had a back up copy of the photos. So I gave it to the new residents of that house with a sign, noterized letter stating what I saw and who I spoke to about it.
Housing tried to charge them for carpet at first to...But didn't get past go after they showed them they had proof... 

Tee C --- 6 years ago -

I just think the whole thing is shady. New carpet is expensive, but a whole house? I'd take it with me, too... 

Ohimesama --- 6 years ago -

You can call USAA and ask them, they're really great about answering questions like that.

I told my husband that if they try to pull the same thing with the carpets, I'm going to do the same thing. It is awful that they charge people for 1) the entire house of carpet for one stain in one room...and then don't replace the carpet!! and 2) charge for the lawn, but then don't do anything about it and move someone else in, continuing the cycle. It's a money-making scheme. 

Jewels --- 6 years ago -

I know that USAA renters insurance paid for new carpet when I had a friend move out of housing. 

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