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The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

Any recommendations for wireless broadband in the area? I've read awful reviews for Century Link, and Cox isnt available. I'm open to suggestions :) 

Garbage Vulture --- 7 years ago -

We use Alliegance for Internet and phone and Dish for TV 

MissAttitude --- 7 years ago -

We use allegiance for internet and cable. 

The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

How fast are your Internet speeds? We don't use cable instead we use Netflix and Hulu so we need to be able to stream. 

tmmundy2 --- 7 years ago -

We have century link up here on the hill it isn't bad up here. 

proud wife of a retiree --- 7 years ago -

We have centurylink also for internet and it is not bad... we live out in the county and no issues.. 

The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

Thanks everyone :) 

jlstough --- 7 years ago -

I've got century link in Ellis heights the 10 meg and it is atrocious. Can't stream for the life of me. Netflix works "ok" but hulu plus is a nightmare. 

CenturyLinkHelp --- 7 years ago -


We understand how frustrating service issues can be and would like to help resolve them. Please send account & contact information via the link for assistance.

CenturyLink Help Team 

Amber --- 7 years ago -

jlstough I just upgraded to the highest that they said they have here is 8 meg. otherwise we were only getting sucks...until tomorrow that is! You might want to make sure what speed your getting! I am hopeing that we have better luck with the 8 meg!!! otherwise we were looking into maybe switching back to Allegiance 

janiedoer --- 7 years ago -

Don't live on post, we use Eagle. 

DD2008 --- 7 years ago -

We used century link on post. It sucked. We were paying for 10mgb but it rarely was faster than 3mgb. Happy to have cox internet again now that we moved. 

jlstough --- 7 years ago -

So I am paying for 10 meg and I can't even get it because the highest they have is 8? I even double checked last time I went in the store to see what service we had ordered and he told me 10. 

Gemini09 --- 7 years ago -

The amount of Megs available depend on what part of post you live on.

Go to and you can see how much you are getting. 

jlstough --- 7 years ago -

Im getting 7 megs. 

jlstough --- 7 years ago -

But they told us the area we are living in were getting great speeds. I'm not really certain how to read these things but my upload speed is 1.35 and the download is 7.10 

The Hansen Show --- 7 years ago -

Just got Century Link and it is up and down (between half a meg and 8 megs) ...Sucks 

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