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I Am Tired of Parents Doing Stupid Things to Their Children

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Tee C --- 6 years ago -

I am an advocate for children and I devoted a good portion of my life to them before I changed careers--so it really pains me to this day to see parents do dumb things.

I walk through the hall to get breakfast and I see a toddler walking between 2 women. My first thought was "how cute" until one of the women said to the other, "...Is he with you?" The other woman said, "No, I thought he was with you." Crap. I bend down in his face and say, "Where's your mama, hon?" He hugs me around the neck. One of the women said that she'd just come from the cafeteria and she thinks he may have come from there. So since he's already latched onto my neck, I scoop him up and we walk down the hallway towards that direction.

Two feet from the cafeteria door, a short woman comes running up to me and says, "Ohhhhh, thank you, thank you!" The boy says "Mama!" so I let her take him. I told her he was way down the hall by the book fair and he could have wandered out the automatic door if he'd have kept going. She thanked me again and (here's the part that got me pissed) started fussing at the boy! "Mama was trying to get breakfast--you know you're not supposed to run off! What did I tell you about running off?" So me being me, I told her that it was her job as a parent to make sure he doesn't run off, not his. She cursed. I told her that if I had taken him to the Security Office and they'd called the MPs that ACS would have gotten involved, so it was best for her to drop her feelings and take heed. She stormed off and went into the cafeteria.

...Imagine my shock when 2 minutes later as I'm in line waiting for my eggs, I saw the little guy behind me, and her on the other side of the place calling his name, looking for him.

Excuse my language, but: WTF is wrong with some people??? 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

Yes, that gets me all the time... I see these parents angry with the child about stuff that is 100% the parents fault. Lazy butts. Nobody ever wants to take responsibility for themselves. I had a discussion with my husband the other day because our three kids were in a care room together, ages 10, 5 and 3. My husband asked the 10 year old what the 3 year old did while in the room and of course the 10 year old said "I dunno". Then my husband said "You need to be more aware of whats going on around you and what your siblings are doing". So I stepped in and said "He only needs to be aware when we take him and tell him that we need him to watch one for a second... you cannot assume that hes just going to be aware on his own... that is our job". My husband wasnt happy about it, but I didnt care. Its not my 10 year olds job to keep an eye on anyone else and be aware of what they do. If he accidently notices, fine, good for him. If I tell him "I'm gonna go take a shower, make sure your siblings dont leave the house while I'm in there", then I'd hope that he'd handle that, but at the same time, if he failed, its still my fault. 

tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

See i would have waited and seen how long it took her to find him a second time. I believe in leashes. Not because children are pets or parents are lazy. But safety. And we all know when your mind is on over load it can be hard.
i once lost my daughter, not paying attention a,lady and i swapped kids in a store. we both felt stupid. We didnt loose a,kid we traded. 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

I used a leash with my middle child... it allowed me to keep him close and have some control if something happened, and still have good use of my arms. Didnt want to bring a stroller everywhere, and shopping carts arent always available... I dont like to carry children, so leash was great. 

tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

I love them. I leashed both of my kids. Especially never went without one after i traded my daughter that time. Haha you know how unfocused on being on my child that day was though. My daughters blonde and white. I traddd for a little black girl. Both of the girls names are tori. And to this day the lady of i speak, is probablly one of the closet amazinv people i know and have had the oppurtinuty to meet.
So i guess our trading kids was a little blessing.
We still joke of who claims who come tax time.
But as far as the motger who lost her little boy. I hope she reads this...and understands LEASHES ARE GOOD.....and if your so busy get one, use it, and protect that baby.
He is 2 and talking to a two yr old is like talking to a ham sandwich.
I so hope she gets a clue. 

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